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60 <br />MINUTES <br />SPECIAL YEAR-END MEETING <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />DECEMBER 30, 1985 <br />Mayor Courtney called the meeting to order at 5:OO P. M. <br />were Members Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney. . <br />Answering rollcall <br />PUBLIC HEARING HELD ON REVENUE SHARING FUNDS FOR 1986 ENTITLEMENT PERIOD 17. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Acting City Clerk, approved and ordered <br />placed on file. <br />the proposed use of revenue sharing funds as specified in the 1986 budget. No <br />.objections being heard, Member Turner offered the following resolution and <br />moved its adoption: I Mr. Rosland advised that staff would recommend approval of <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING <br />1986 REVENUE SHARING ENTITLEMENT PERIOD 17 BUDGET <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina City Council that it does hereby approve the following <br />budget for the 1986 Revenue Sharing Entitlement Period 17: <br />SOURCE <br />Property Taxes <br />REVENUES <br />AMOUNT <br />$ 7,440,205 <br />Sales Taxes <br />Service Charges/User Fees/Other <br />Licenses and Permits <br />Fines and Penalties <br />Income from Other Governments <br />Federal General Revenue Sharing <br />EXPENDITURES <br />Activity GRS Funds <br />Education <br />Police $125,000 <br />Fir e 100,000 <br />Roads/Transport /Public Works <br />Sewers/Sanitation <br />Libraries <br />Parks/Recreation <br />Health/Hospitals <br />Social Services/Welfare <br />General Administration <br />Financial Administration/Debt Service <br />550 , 444 <br />1 , 218,300 <br />478,700 <br />360,OOP <br />337,065 <br />225,000 <br />$10,609,714 <br />Other Funds <br />-0- -0- <br />$ 2,558,947 <br />1,508,133 <br />2,817,521 <br />102,970 <br />-0- <br />1 , 267 , 743 <br />220,554 <br />56,750 <br />1 , 309,598 <br />462,498 <br />$ 2,683,947 <br />1 , 608 , 133 <br />2,817,521 <br />102,970 <br />-0- <br />1 , 267 , 743 <br />220,554 <br />56,750 <br />1,309,598 <br />462,498 <br />Reserve for Contingencies 80,000 80,000 <br />$225,000 $10,384,714 $10,609,714 <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Member Richards. <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />Resolution adopted. <br />BID AWARDED FOR TWO DUMP TRUCKS. Mr. Rosland presented the following tabulation <br />of bids for dump trucks, which matter was continued from the meeting of December <br />16, 1985: <br />North Star International Midland Box <br />MacQueen Box <br />La Hass Box <br />Astleford International Midland Box <br />Crysteel Box <br />La Hass Box <br />Brookdale Ford Midland Box <br />La Hass Box <br />Boyer Ford La Hass Box <br />Superior Ford Crysteel Box <br />I La Hass Box <br />$41,480.00 <br />41 , 635.00 <br />43,652.00 <br />$41,778.00 <br />43,683.00 <br />43 , 950.00 <br />$42,678.00 <br />44 , 892.50 <br />$44,560.00 <br />$45,756.00 <br />46,098.00 <br />Mr. Bernard Fink of North Star International spoke in support of their trucks <br />with the Midland Box and offered the promise of product liability insurance. <br />With no further discussion, Member Bredesen's motion to award the bid for <br />two dump trucks to North Star International with the Midland Box at $41,480.00 <br />per truck subject to proof of liability insurance from Midland Equipment <br />Gompany was seconded by Member Turner.