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160 MINUTES <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JUNE 9, 1986 <br />The Edina City Council held a Special Meeting on June 9, 1986, at 7:OO p.m. <br />at the Edina City Hall for the purpose of reviewing and discussing the <br />report of "Edina Survey - An Evaluation of Programs and Services", and to <br />discuss the role of the Council with 'surrounding communities. <br />t <br />Members Kelly, Richards,' Turner and Mayor Courtney were present. <br />were Jim Frazee of Frazee Research Associates, Kenneth Rosland and other staff <br />Also attending <br />. members. <br />REPORT ON EDINA SURVEY PRESENTED; FINDINGS SUMMARIZED. <br />Mr:Frazee stated that the Edina Survey was commissioned to assess attitudes <br />toward the various programs and services offered by the City and was specifi- <br />cally completed: - to measure the level of satisfaction with a number of existing programs <br />and services. <br />to obtain an indication of which programs and services should be expanded <br />or improved. - to obtain an indication of how expansion or improvement should be funded. <br />. - .to obtain an indication of which programs and services should be cut back. - to determine levels of support for several programs and services that <br />are not currently provided. <br />- <br />- <br />One month after the mailing, out of 1,907 surveys mailed to residents, 787 or I <br />41% had been returned. <br />In his presentation on the survey, Mr . Frazee explzined the method used, the key <br />findings-residential, the key findings-business and showed graphics illustrating <br />the responses to the survey questions. <br />considerable agreement as to how the existing programs and services are perceived. <br />and the positions the City should take with new programs and services. <br />survey groups give all of the programs/services provided by the City very positive <br />programs and services or expanding specific programs and services. <br />respondents do favor a Police/Public School Liason Program. <br />that a substantially larger number of households would participate in a door-to- <br />door reclying program than currently use the drop-off facility. <br />dents favor a policy change which would permit the City to offer tax exempt <br />financing. <br />of sidewalks along major streets - residents do not believe it is desirable by <br />a 55 to 42 percent margin, while businesses believe it is desirable by a 53 to <br />46 percent margin. <br />better place to live/locate a business as compared with 10 years ago, 31 percent <br />and 40 percent respectively. Only six percent of the residental respondents and <br />13 percent of the business respondents rated the City as poorer. <br />Mr. Frazee's presentation, the Council raised several questions and discussed <br />the.survey results in general. <br />.be published, either through a newsletter, the Highlander or for businesses <br />through the Edina Chamber of Commerce Newsletter. It was also suggested that <br />the survey results be made available to the Edina School Board because of the <br />cominents made by respondents regarding the schools. The Council Members also <br />felt that the issue of lack of knowledge of the City's programs and services <br />should be addressed. No formal action was taken. <br />Of those mailed to businesses, 87 or 18% had been returned. I <br />In summary, the survey results indicate <br />Both <br />ratings. Generally, residential and business respondents do not favor adding new i <br />Residential <br />The survey indicates <br />Business respon- <br />- <br />Results indicate a disagreement on the desirability of a network <br />A larger proportion of each rated Edina as a <br />Following <br />It was suggested that the survey results should <br />COUNCIL'S ROLE WITH SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES DISCUSSED. The Council next held <br />a discussion regarding their relationship with other political bodies, i.e. <br />surrounding communities, Minneapolis, Metropolitan Council and the State, <br />concerning issues that particularly affect the City of Edina. <br />ness of membership in the League of Minnesota Cities, the Association of <br />Metropolitan Municipalities and Municipal Legislative Commission was considered <br />regarding lobbying efforts by those organizations on behalf of Edina versus <br />direct testifying to the Legislature. The suggestion of meeting on a regular <br />basis with elected officials of neighboring communities and also with our <br />legislators and Metropolitan Council representative was brought up and it was <br />generally agreed that it would be useful to do that. -No:.formal.action-:was <br />taken . <br />The effective- <br />No other business was considered by the Council and the meeting adjourned at <br />9:20 p.m. <br />*&%U <br />City Clerk