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180 MINUTES <br />OF THE JOINT HRA/CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br />AND OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JULY 21, 1986 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Kelly, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />CARLJEAN JOHNSON RECOGNIZED. Mr. Rosland introduced Carljean Johnson and said <br />that he has been with the Police Department as a dispatcher since August, 1962 <br />and that he will be retiring on August 31st. He commended Mr. Johnson for his <br />faithful and dedicated service to the City, wished him well in his retirement <br />extended their thanks for his many years of service to the City. <br />MINUTES of the Regular and Special Bieetings of July 7, 1986 and Special Meeting <br />of July 14, 1986 were approved as submitted by motion of Member Bredesen, seconded <br />by Member Turner. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Kelly, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />'and presented him with a silver pen bearing the City logo. Members of the Council . <br />.. <br />' <br />JOINT HRA/COUNCIL EIEETING CONVENED. <br />Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority and the Council be convened to consider <br />3. concurrently the Grandview Redevelopment Project and the Final Development Plan for <br />Jerry's Shopping Center and that action be taken by the HRA and Council individually <br />as required. Mayor Courtney thereupon convened the joint meeting of the HRA AND <br />the Council. <br />GRANDVIEW REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT AND FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR JERRY'S SHOPPING <br />CENTER APPROVED. <br />ordered placed on file. <br />1986, the HRA reviewed concept plans concerning the Grandview redevelopment area. <br />Three projects were discussed in those meetings: 1) a public parking ramp/Public <br />Works facility east of Jerry's Shopping Center, 2) an upgrading of Link Road and <br />3) a redevelopment of the Lewis Engineering/Kunz Oil properties. At that time <br />the HRA gave conceptual approval to the parking ramp/Public Works facility and <br />the upgrading of Link Road with the understanding that staff would return with <br />more detailed information prior to final approval. <br />ing staff, consultants for the City and representat5ves of Jerry's Enterprises <br />have worked together to formulate plans for Jerry's expansion as well as for the <br />public parking ramp/Public Works facility. <br />proposed approximate 40,000 square foot addition has been reviewed by the Develop- <br />ment and Planning Commission and was approved at their last meeting. <br />Craig Larsen advised that the proponent has submitted plans for a 3,650 square <br />foot addition to the hardware store and a 37,475 square foot addition to the main <br />complex. <br />or to the approximate location of the existing retaining wall. <br />expansion would be five stories with the remaining being additions to the existing <br />second story office space. <br />sicond floor as a combination of office and retail, with exclusive office use on <br />the top three floors. Mr. Larson pointed out that the proposed additions require <br />206 additional parking spaces. <br />level public parking ramp. The ramp would use air rights and be located above a <br />Public Works storage facility. <br />Interlachen signalized intersection around the rear of the Edina Liquor Store and <br />the upper level would be accessed from the existing main entrance to the shopping <br />center. <br />in the ramp replacing 36 surface spaces lost due to construction and redesign of <br />existing parking and would provide a 30 space cushion to relieve existing shortages; <br />A more recent count from the consultant has increased the count to 280 ramp park- <br />ing spaces. <br />limitations of the site and Hennepin County's willingness to allow landscaping <br />on right of way areas. <br />Jerry's and tenants of the office space. Grocery, restaurant and general retail . <br />parking would continue to use the surface parking. <br />of the main complex would be regraded, surfaced and reoriented 90 degrees from <br />the present alignment. <br />would be lowered approximately eight feet. A retaining wall would be installed <br />adjacent to the Vernon Avenue right of way. The subject property is part of <br />the Grandview Area Tax Increment District. A public parking ramp designed to <br />serve the commercial uses in the area was anticipated by the Grandview Plan. <br />As proposed the two level ramp would occupy the air rights above the existing <br />Public Works storage buildings which would be removed and the ground level would <br />become the new storage facility. Mr. Larsen concluded that the proposed plan <br />will significantly improve the way the Center functions. <br />of parking should be adequate and circulation within the lots will be greatly <br />improved. <br />is possible without the additional parking provided in the ramp. <br />Mr. Hughes proposed that a joint meeting of <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by the Clerk, approved and <br />Mr. Hughes recalled that on February 3 and 24 and March 17, <br />Since the March 17, 1986 meet- <br />I That plan with regard to Jerry's <br />Planner <br />The addition would extend the existing building 6Q feet to the north, <br />A portion of the <br />The first floor is proposed as retail space, the <br />The parking would be provided in a new, two <br />The lower level would be accessed from the Vernon/ <br />The ramp would provide 272 parking spaces, with the 66 surplus spaces <br />Additional landscaping would be provided where possible within the <br />I The parking ramp would primarily serve employees of <br />The parking area in front <br />Tfie northerly end of the lot near the main entrance <br />The total quantity <br />. <br />The construction of the ramp is the key to this proposal. No expansion <br />Member Kelly