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302 MINUTES <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL AND THE EDINA PARK BOARD <br />HELD AT CITY HALL <br />DECEMBER 8, 1986 <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />City Council Members present: Kelly, Turner, Richards, Courtney <br />Edina Park Board Members present: Lonsbury, Fee, Lord, Montgomery, Rydell, <br />Staff present: <br />Warner , Wineberg and Wooldridge <br />Rosland, Kojetin, Keprios, MacHolda and Daehn <br />The Edina City Council and the Edina Park Board held an informal meeting at the <br />City Hall on December 8, 1986, for the purpose of discussing 1987 budget cuts <br />and the proposed 1987 fees and charges for Park and Recreation activities. <br />Funding of playing fields maintenance by user fees versus funding from general <br />tax revenues was debated. <br />facilities for' seasonal sports. It was suggested that the Park Board should <br />look at that aspect each year and make a recommendation to the Council as to <br />facilities that might be considered for closing. <br />Metropolitan Council and the State Legiklature will soon be discussing the Holmen <br />Kollen which is being proposed for the ski jump in Hyland Park across 1-494 <br />from Braemar Park.,' The City's position regarding the speed skating facility, <br />which had been proposed some time ago for Edina and then a site in Boseville <br />was selected, was briefly talked about. <br />1) using park property for the facility, 2) who will pay for the facility, <br />3) who will pay for operating costs, and 4) if it is located in Edina the City <br />should retain control. <br />Also discussed was the possibility of closing some <br />It was reported' that the <br />A number of issues were raised: <br />-It was agreed that drafting of a statement for Council's review regarding <br />policies, goals and objectives of the Park Board.would be helpful in giving <br />the Board some direction. <br />No formal action was taken and no other business was discussed by the Council. <br />The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m. . <br />*A%& <br />City Clerk