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320 <br />MINUTES <br />SPECIAL YEAR-END MEETING <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />DECEELBER 29, 1986 <br />Mayor Courtney called the meeting to order at 5:OO P. M. <br />were Members Bredesen, Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />WHITE OAKS 8TH ADDITION PRELIMINARY PLAT DISCUSSED. <br />the City Council heard this preliminary plat on December 15. <br />Mr. Kenneth Monroe, the owner of the property, had withdrawn his petition and <br />will be donating the land to the City. <br />this piece of property as open space for drainage purposes and not as a piece <br />of open park property. There was no further discussion. <br />Answering rollcall <br />I Mr. Rosland reported that <br />Since that time, <br />A resolution will be drawn up to accept <br />INTERVIEWS FOR BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS DISCUSSED. Member Turner reported that <br />interviews for prospective Board and Commission members would be conducted in <br />January. She questioned the limitation of members' terms and will prepare a <br />memo for the January 5th Council Meeting in'order to further discuss and evaluate <br />the terms c? membership for Boards and Commissions. No action was taken. <br />CONCERN NOTED AT ARDEN PARK SKATING RINK. <br />situation at Arden Park regarding hockey playing on the skating rink could result <br />in a serious injury. <br />hockey on the rinks while open skating is going on. <br />soft pucks are recommended. <br />indicated that several communities have built separate rinks for hockey, increasing <br />maintenance needs. <br />program would help to solve the problem at Arden Park. <br />Member Bredesen explained that the <br />Mr. Rosland commented that there is a policy preventing <br />Mr. Kojetin, Director of Park and Recreation, <br />Whenever hockey occurs, <br />Mr. Rosland stated that in the meantime a double attendant <br />RBY MC MILLAN'S DEATH NOTED. Mr. Rosland reported the death of Kay McMillan, <br />the wife of former Council Member, Hugh Mcfillan, who himself had passed away <br />a number of years'ago. Sympathy to the family will be expressed on behalf of <br />the City Council. <br />STATEMENT OF ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES AND RECO&IIENDED TRANSFERS APPROVED. <br />Mr. Rosland presented the Statement of Estimated Expenditures and Recommended <br />Transfers for the Year Ended December 31, 1986 and recommended approval. Member <br />Bredesen's motion was seconded by Member Turner to approved the recommended . <br />transfers as presented in the "Statement of Estimated Expenditures and Recommended <br />Transfers for Year Ended December 31, 1986". <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />- Motion carried. <br />CLAIMS PAID. <br />of the following claims as per Pre-List dated 12/30/86: <br />Art Center, $4,345.23; Capital Fund, $2,789.75; Golf Course Fund, $1,448.64; <br />Recreation Center Fund, $1,550.60; Gun Range Fund, $5,657.10; Utility Fund, <br />$231,716.08; Liquor Dispensary Fund, $2,808.91; Construction Fund, $53.50; Total, <br />$373,661.74. <br />There being no further business on the agenda, Mayor Courtney declared the meeting <br />adjourned at 5:25 P. M. <br />Motion of Member Richards was seconded by Member Bredesen for payment <br />General Fund, $123,291.93;