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328a <br />MINUTES . <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING'OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />, JANUARY 12, 1987 <br />Council Members present: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Courtney. <br />Advisory Board/Commission Members present: Bill Lewis (Community Development <br />and Planning Commission) , Bill Lord (Park Board) , Gordon Stuart (Heritage <br />Preservation Board), Quentin Collins (Building. Construction Appeals Board), <br />Jean Rifley (So-uth Hennepin Human Services Council), Nancy Grimsby (Recycling <br />Commission), Jeoff Workinger (Human Relations Commission), Dr. Sharon Aadalen <br />(Board of Health), James Van Valkenburg (Art Center Board) and Dennis Maetzold <br />(Citizens Safety Council). <br />Staff Members present: Manager Rosland, Buresh, Hoffman, Hughes, Johnson, <br />Kojetin, Larsen, Paulfranz, Shirmang, Smith, Swansen, Wallin and Daehn. <br />Facilitator: Barbara Arney <br />Member Turner commented that the purpose of the meeting is to revise and adopt <br />the City's mission statement, an important step in the City's strategic <br />planning process. Board/Commission chairpersons have been invited to attend <br />and participate in the,discussion as the Council feels. strongly that citizen <br />participation is a key element in the process. Member Turner then reviewed <br />the steps that have led to the development of a draft mission statement and <br />the observations and recommendations of the Management Audit Committee with <br />regard to strategic planning. <br />The meeting was then turned over to Barbara Arney, facilitator, who presented <br />the general guidelines for the work session. The attendees were then divided <br />into small groups which reviewed, discussed and developed recommendations for <br />the draft mission statement and the key words relating to the statement. <br />group then presented.their recommendations to the entire group. <br />Each <br />At the meeting's conclusion, Member Turner stated that the recommendations <br />and suggestions would be reflected in the revision of the mission statement <br />and would be presented to the Coucil at its next meeting for formal adoption. <br />No other business was discussed by the Council. The meeting adjourned at <br />9:oo p.m. - <br />%&3?U <br />City Clerk