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407 <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE JOINT MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL AND THE EDINA SCHOOL BOARD <br />HELD AT BFUEMAR CLUBHOUSE <br />MAY 11, 1987 <br />Council Members Present: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />School Board Members Present: Atchison, Birkeland, Gleason, Hite, Jones, Mitchell, <br />c <br />Moe and Smyth (Ex Officio) <br />Also present were City and School staff members and other interested citizens. <br />The Edina City Council and t6e Edina School Board held an informal joint meeting <br />at 8:OO p.m. on May 11, 1987 at the Braemar Clubhouse for the purpose of receiving <br />reports, identifying issues and discussing concerns. <br />The following reports were given: <br />by Co-Chairs Leslie Turner, Council and James Hamann, School; 2) Edina Housing <br />and Population Report, by Craig Larsen, City Planner, and Report on Edinborough, <br />by Gordon Hughes, Assistant City Manager; 3) Enrollment and Facility Projections, <br />by Jim Chapman, Director of Personnel Services. <br />1) Community Services Task Force Final Report, <br />A report on Community Education Needs Assessment was presented by Rod Brannon, <br />Community Education Coordinator, and then each member of the Council and School <br />Board were asked to express what they felt were'present needs for community <br />education in Edina. These included: <br />More courses for senior citizens with consideration for their transportation <br />needs. <br />Volunteer opportunities for young people. <br />More activities for men, perhaps "club" type activities. <br />Alcohol and drug abuse programs for children and adults, including working <br />with policy statements of various organizations pertaining to drugs and <br />managing the infopation already available. <br />Integration of the Park and Recreation Department master plan with activities <br />of the new Cornunity Services Board. <br />Delivery of some of the senior citizens courses at the Senior Center, at <br />Edinborough and other locations. <br />Programs for troubled kids. <br />Cooperation on classes in the high school as enrollment declines, with <br />offerings to sutdents and adults. <br />Research about the appropriateness of current courses as they relate to <br />changing students, families and life styles. <br />Make parents better partners in the learning process - homework, advocates <br />for their children, better handling of conferences, etc. <br />Attracting people who do not have children in the schools into the program <br />area. <br />Service and volunteer opportunities for students. <br />Day care needs education for single mothers. <br />Aiding people in linkage to resources, both educational and human service <br />organizations. <br />It was agreed. that the presentations, exchange of information and general <br />discussion between the Council and the School Board was of benefit to both <br />bodies. No formal action was taken by. the Council. The meeting adjourned at <br />1O:OO p.m. %&%. u <br />City Clerk <br />z-