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408 MINUTES <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />MAY 12, 1987 <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT THE BRAEMAR CLUBHOUSE <br />Council Members Present; Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />Others Present: Members of the Edina Park Board <br />Members of the Community Development and P1anning.Commission <br />Members of the Development Team <br />City Staff <br />J <br />B The meeting was held at the Braemar Clubhouse at 5:OO p.m. and was chaired by <br />Member Richards. <br />meeting for the purpose of havidg the Development Team pres.ent their concept for <br />development of the Hedberg property and to respond to questions and comments from <br />the Council and the advisory boards. <br />Peter Jarvis, Master Planner with BRW and spokesman for the development team, <br />introduced the members of the team. By use of graphics Nr. Jarvis presented <br />the following: 1) Project objectives, 2) Existing topography, 3) Master Plan <br />of the Development, 4) Timeframe and phases of the project, 5) Open Space Plan <br />and Uses, and 6) Preliminary Transit Demand Management P.lan. In conclusion, he <br />said that a complete traffic impact analysis is needed for the scoping document <br />that will be required in preparing an Environment Impact Statement. <br />Source Permit will also be part of the process before submitting the proposed <br />project to the Park Board, the Community Development and Planning Commission and, <br />lastly, the Council. <br />to any public hearings. <br />Planning Commission and the Council in August and September .this year'and to <br />begin construction in June of 1988 with Phase I. <br />Member Richards explained that this was .an informal, informational <br />?': <br />An Indirect <br />The hard financial analysis willalso be worked on prior <br />Mr. Jarvis said their target is to .come before the <br />The Development Team then responded to questions and comments ,from the Council <br />and the advisory board members. The meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m. with no <br />x formal action taken by the Council. <br />. .. <br />3- <br />L*. ?. .. 5- <br />1