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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JUNE 1, 1987 <br />425 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />1 a a <br />ROBERT BURESH COMMENDED. <br />from the position of Public Safety Director as of May 29, 1987, having worked for <br />the City since 1949 when he started on the then Volunteer Fire Department. <br />became a fulltime employee in 1957 and progressed to Fire Chief and then to Public <br />Safety Director. <br />Fire Department into one of the finest in the country, the nurturing of the City's <br />paramedic service and the merging of the Fire and Building Departments with regard <br />to building inspections to promote public safety. Mr. Rosland commended him for <br />his many years of dedicated service to the City and presented him with a silver <br />pen bearing the City logo. <br />appreciation and thanks. to him. <br />CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ADOPTED. <br />Member Kelly to adopt the consent agenda, with the exception of the removal of <br />items IV.A.l and 2 and 1X.A. <br />Manager Rosland commented that Robert Buresh retired <br />He <br />Among Mr. Buresh's many achievements was the development of the <br />Members of the Council also expressed their <br />' <br />Motion was made by Member Turner and seconded by <br />i <br />j' Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />*MINUTES OF THE REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING OF MAY 18. 1987 APPROVED. Motion was made <br />by Member Turner and seconded by Member Kelly to approve the minutes of the <br />regular Council Meeting of May 18, 1987. <br />Motion carried on rollcall vote, four ayes. <br />PUBLIC HEARING CONCLUDED: STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-278 ORDERED. Engineer Hoffman <br />recalled that the public hearing on Street Improvement No. BA-278 (Link Road) was <br />continued from the meeting of May 18, 1987 to allow for additional discussion on <br />design and access issues and development of a plan acceptable to all parties. As <br />background to this project, Mr. Hoffman said this is a continuation of an initial <br />hearing involving what is known as Issue Area 1 in the Grandview Area Traffic <br />Study prepared by BRW in April, 1984. The neighbors in Richmond Hills 2nd <br />Addition have supported the current proposal to resolve what has been a continuing <br />problem at Eden Avenue and Vernon Avenue. Additionally, overall traffic <br />operations have been reviewed in light of existing and potential developments in <br />the Grandview Area. <br />includes Vernon Avenue/Eden Avenue/Link Road/West 53rd Street. <br />improvement would be another phase of the Grandview area plan. <br />Eden Avenue at Vernon and would include a traffic signal at Link Road. <br />the project work, additional right of way will need to be acquired from <br />Superamerica. <br />north and west side of Vernon Avenue. <br />most, staff had met with them on several occasions as well as with Hennepin <br />County. <br />concerns they might have with the closing of the Eden Avenue access. <br />indicated that they had no objection but wanted to maintain good visibility. <br />said that Superamerica had some concerns with the initial proposal as to access to <br />their property. In subsequent meetings with Superamerica the plan has been <br />revised to add a right turn lane on Vernon Avenue from west of Link Road to the <br />first westerly driveway of Jerry's with a new curb cut from Vernon Avenue into <br />Superamerica. This change would address a major'concern that staff has had for <br />easterly bound vehicles trying to enter Superamerica via Link Road and also would <br />alleviate Superamerica's concerns regarding access to their property from Vernon <br />Avenue. <br />$170,047.24 to $194,354.33. <br />Hennepin County are in agreement with that change in the plan and before staff can <br />proceed on the right of way issues the Council must approve the project. <br />Cohen, representing the Richmond Hills Home Improvement Association, said that <br />they have been looking for this for the past 30 years. Member Smith asked what <br />traffic controls there would be at Eden Avenue/Link Road and how the project is <br />proposed to be funded. In response, Mr. Hoffman said there would be a STOP sign <br />for Eden Avenue traffic at Link Road and that Eden would have three lanes, with a <br />90 degree intersection at Link. In view of possible future redevelopment in the <br />area with additional traffic, Member Smith questioned whether a right turn lane <br />out of Eden with a YIELD sign might be a more preferable design. <br />if the proposed design did not work well in the future, a one-lane, one way out <br />for right turns could be provided. <br />by HRA funds. Mr. Hughes explained that at the time the Grandview parking ramp <br />that is under construction was approved the City sold a $2,000,000 bond issue. <br />The purpose of that issue>was to provide funds for the construction of the ramp as <br />well as this improvement. <br />within the Grandview Redevelopment District and that no portion of the cost of the <br />subject improvement will be assessed. <br />coming out of the district to fund this improvement. Mr. Cohen asked as to the <br />timeframe for the proiect. Mr. Hoffman said if the Droiect is amroved bv the <br />Mr. Hoffman explained that the general area under discussion <br />This proposed <br />It would close off <br />To make <br />Earlier the Council approved construction of sidewalk along the <br />Because Superamerica would be affected the <br />Mr. Hoffman said that he also has met with First Minnesota Bank as to any <br />They <br />He <br />* <br />This would result in an increased cost estimate for the project from <br />Mr. Hoffman said that at this point Superamerica and <br />Ron <br />Mr. Hoffman said <br />Mr. Hoffman said the project would be funded <br />Those bonds will be repaid by tax increments received <br />He added that there is adequate increment