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462 MINUTES <br />OF THE SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JULY 13, 1987 <br />Present were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />The Edina City Council held a Special Meeting on July 13, 1987 at 7:OO p.m. at the <br />Edine City Hall for the purpose of reviewing the Comprehensive Plan as to the Land <br />Use Element and the Housing Element. <br />COMPREHENSIVE PLAN REVIEW COMMENCED. Manager Rosland stated that, as directed by <br />Council action taken June 1, 1987, Planner Larsen has prepared copies of the Land <br />Use Element and the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan for the Council to <br />review, together with a Residential Land Use Comparison of neighboring <br />communities. He said the Comprehensive Plan is the key guide for staff when <br />meeting with developers. <br />showing the existing zoning of all properties, the 1980 Land Use Plan map and a <br />map colored to show the existing undeveloped sites. <br />use designation for the undeveloped parcels and commented on potential sites for <br />redevelopment. <br />Land Use Element. Considerable discussion followed between the Council Members on <br />the 1980 Land Use Plan as to what was projected in 1980 and whether or not the <br />land use designations for undeveloped land should be changedin some areas. <br />Council then reviewed each undeveloped site as to the land use designation and <br />made the following conclusions: <br />Carl Hansen Property - Generally located West of Ridge Road and south of <br />Interlachen Boulevard. Single Family Residential (R-1). Conclusion: Appropriate <br />designated. <br />Wallace Kenneth Property - Generally located at County Road.18 and 7th Street. <br />Medium Density (PRD-3). <br />Shepherd of the Hills Church Propertv - Generally located at County Road 18 and <br />7th Street. Mixed Use (Office or Multiple Family Residential). Conclusion: <br />Appropriate as designated. <br />Propertv West of Londonderw Road Extended - Single Family Residential (R-1). <br />Conclusion: Appropriate as designated. <br />Robert Hanson Property - Generally located north of Crosstown Highway and west of <br />Gleason Road. Recently rezoned to PRD-2 (Low Density Attached Residential). <br />Conclusion: Appropriate as rezoned. <br />Kunz Oil Service Station - Located at northwest corner of Vernon Avenue and <br />Olinger Boulevard. Medium Density (PRD-3). Conclusion: Referred to staff for <br />additional information and alternatives for redevelopment. <br />Hawkes Lake Property - Generally located south of Vernon Avenue and East of <br />Olinger Boulevard. Low Density Attached Residential (PRD-2). Conclusion: <br />Appropriate as designated. <br />I Planngr Larsen presented a map of the City of Edina <br />He bxiefly explained the land <br />Mr. Larsen also presented the general goals and objectives of the <br />The <br />i <br />Conclusion: Appropriate as designated. <br />I <br />Kunz Oil Warehouse and Lewis Engineering Property. - Generally located south of <br />Eden Avenue and west of Railroad. Industrial. Conclusion: 4-1 for some type of <br />multi-residential designation. Referred to staff for additional information and <br />alternatives for redevelopment. <br />Properm South of West 49th StreetJEast of Railroad - Mixed Use. <br />two small apartment buildings. Not likely to redevelop. Conclusion: Appropriate <br />as designated. <br />Naas Property - Generally located north of Post Lane and south of McCauley Trail. <br />Mixture of Low Density Attached Residential and Single Family. <br />Appropriate as designated. <br />Naas Lakeside Property - Generally located south of McCauley Trail abutting <br />Arrowhead Lake. Single Family Residential. Developed with one single family <br />dwelling. Conclusion: Appropriate as designated. <br />Developed with i <br />Conclusion: I <br />Hume Property - Generally located at end of McCauley Trail and north of West <br />Trail. Park/Public, Conclusion: Re-designate as Single Family Residential (R-1). <br />Parcels on Cahill Road - Generally located on Cahill Road and south of West 70th <br />Street. Zoned PRD-3 (Medium Density). Conclusion: Appropriate as designated. <br />Parcel North of Crosstown Highway - Generally located north of Crosstown Highway <br />designated. <br />.*C <br />" <br />. at Pedestrian Overpass. Single Family Residential. Conclusion: Appropriate as