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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JULY 20, 1987 <br />464 <br />Answering- rollcall were Members Kelly, Smith, Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney <br />CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ADOPTED. <br />Member Turner to adopt the consent agenda items as presented. <br />Motion was made by Member Kelly and seconded by <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />*MINUTES OF THE JOINT HRA/COUNCIL MEETING OF JULY 6, 1987: MINUTES OF REGULAR <br />MEETING OF JULY 6, 1987 AND MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING OF JULY 13. 1987 APPROVED. <br />Motion was made by Member Kelly and seconded by Member Turner to approve the <br />minutes of the Joint HRA/Council Meeting of July 6, 1987, the minutes of the <br />Regular Meeting of July 6, 1987 and the Minutes of the Special Meeting of July 13, <br />1987. <br />Motion carried on rollcall vote, five ayes. <br />REPORT GIVEN ON COUNCIL REVIEW OF COMPREHENSIVE PLAN. Manager Rosland recalled <br />that the Council had held a special meeting on July 13, 1987 to review the Land <br />Use Element and the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan. At that meeting <br />the Council had considered the Plan's land use designation of various sites that <br />were either undeveloped or were potential sites for redevelopment and had reached <br />conclusions as to designations. <br />additional information and alternatives for redevelopment of several of the <br />parcels. <br />site and the 44th and France commercial area. Staff would suggest these be <br />discussed at a future meeting. With reference to the 44th and France area, Member <br />Kelly asked that staff expand the 44th and France area and look into how the <br />surrounding homes are being maintained. Planner Larsen then presented the follow- <br />ing report: <br />1. <br />shown as Medium Density Residential on Land Use Map. <br />Low Density Attached Residential. <br />13,000 square feet in area. <br />a double bungalow but would require variances. <br />Density Attached would more accurately reflect the site's potential as a residen- <br />tial site. <br />2. MizlneaD01i.S Water Works Propertv - West of France Avenue and north of 41st <br />Street. <br />is 14.5 acres, 9.5 acres are in Edina. <br />support 50 to 90 units. <br />30 new lots. <br />Residential along France Avenue and Single Family Residential for the remainder of <br />the site. <br />Avenue. <br />3. McCaulev Trail Propertv (Hue) - Presently shown as park. There are no <br />available funds for this acquisition and it is no longer needed as a site for the <br />Art Center. <br />Residential. <br />As to procedure for amending the Comprehensive Plan, Mr. Larsen explained that <br />changes in the Plan must be considered initially by the Community Development and <br />Planning Commission at a published, public hearing. If the Council wishes, the <br />proposed changes could be considered by the Commission at its September 2, 1987 <br />meeting. <br />public hearing on September 21, 1987. <br />be forwarded to the Metropolitan Council, adjacent communities, school districts <br />and the county for review and comment. After the review period has passed, the <br />Council would adopt the amendments. Member Smith said he thought the Council <br />would be going over the draft of the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan and <br />that he felt that all potential changes (i.e. definitions, limits of density) <br />should be identified before starting the process. <br />numbers from the most recent developments in the City have not been incorporated <br />into the Plan as it goes from 1985 to the projections for 1990. <br />asked if staff would be ready to bring the requested information back to the <br />Council on August 3, 1987. <br />information ready on the 44th and France area, but that the Council could possibly <br />look at the prior proposal for the Lewis Engineering/Kunz Oil Warehouse site and <br />some other development options to give the Council some perspective on the type of <br />use for that site. <br />agenda for the August 3rd Council Meeting for further consideration by the Coun- <br />cil. <br />TRAFFIC SAFETY COMMITTEE MINUTES OF 7/14/87 APPROVED. <br />to change parking restrictions on the north side of Olinger Boulevard, Engineer <br />Hoffman explained that a neighborhood petition had been presented regarding <br />concern for safety when crossing the street to the park due to lack of visibility <br />when passing between parked vehicles; also, that vehicles were using driveways to <br />The Council had asked that the staff provide <br />The Council had also discussed the Lewis Engineering/Kunz Oil Warehouse <br />Kunz Oil Service Station - Northwest corner of Vernon and Olinger. Presently <br />Consider changing density to <br />The property is triangular in shape and is only - <br />May support Very difficult to redevelop for any use. <br />Reducing the designation to Low <br />Shown as Medium Density Residential on Land Use Map. The total site area <br />If developed as multi-family it could <br />A third alternative for this site would be Low Density Attached <br />This would be consistent with other residential areas along France <br />If platted as single family lots it would provide 25 to <br />Staff would recommend this designation. <br />Staff would recommend changing the designation to Single Family <br />Following the hearing by the Commission, the Council could conduct a <br />Proposed amendments to the Plan would then <br />I Member Kelly commented that <br />Member Turner <br />Mr. Larsen said that it would not be possible to have <br />It was informally agreed that this be placed back on the <br />In reference to the request