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- ..I_ <br />470 MINUTES <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF.THE <br />JULY 27, 1987 <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY.HALL <br />-- <br />Council Members Present: Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney <br />Staff Present: Rosland, Hoffman, Smith and Daehn <br />Others Present: Paul Berge, 4536 Tower.Street; Peter Hadue, 4532 Tower Street; <br />Ellen Schwandt, 4516 Tower Street <br />REPORT GIVEN ON RECENT STORM DAMAGE. <br />meeting was called to update the Council on the damage'yesuleng from the storm <br />and torrential rains on Thursday, July 23, .1987. <br />Manager Ros3sand:explained that this special <br />.He rrepartedcthe following: <br />- <br />- <br />Approximately 200 basements were -pumped out by :Gty :crews, some properties <br />There is a Federal disaster team in the area-.tozfssess%he damage and gather <br />suffered an extreme amount of damage. <br />information to determine if Federal aid will be availahle. .Residents have been <br />told to monitor the news media for the decision. Cix'zystaff has been recording <br />names/addresses/phone numbers of those-inquiring-about:Federal aid and when a <br />decision has been reached they will be notified. 'The :Eederal disaster team is not <br />only assessing homes but also commercial and retailproper.ties. <br />Maps of the City of Edina were presented whichshowed-properties in the flood <br />plain and the location of damage to <br />Park facilities damage is estimated at $80,000 <br />Since the storm City crews have .logged 1300 - -1400 .hours .of overtime which is <br />estimated at $20,000. <br />There are three main areas remaining which thecktyis-pumping: 1) Mait Lane <br />in Rolling Green, 2) Cornelia, and 3) Coventry'Lane off.Dewey Hill Road. <br />Public water system is safe but C2ty is recmend2ngrthatresidents who have <br />private wells should have their water tested. <br />- <br />- - <br />- <br />- <br />The crews have put in long hamsand-are in need of rest. <br />Manager Rosland said the City is now getting calls:xepn3ing disposal of water <br />damaged household goods. He recommended.the followZngaztion. The City has been <br />able to secure two roll-off dumpsters which will be l-ed in r.he parking lot <br />immediately west of Braemar Arena starting WednesdayceYexLng. Xesidents may bring <br />their water damaged items to that location .for no d-raxge and the City will dispose <br />of it. Persons bringing items to the :dumpsters will h asked to present a <br />driver's license as proof of residency. .The cost*o *he .Gi-'tyis roughly estimated <br />as approximately $10,000.00 for 1andfill:fees and $20,000.00 for labor for this <br />emergency program. The question of curbside pickup %or *ose .residents who cannot <br />take their damaged property to the Braemar Arena dumpskers was raised and <br />discussed. <br />may take a week or ten days to complete, the reasons being-that City crews are <br />continuing the pumping and doing emergency road repairs. <br />to determine how to handle the pickup program. <br />Manager Rosland said that if.City crews were :to do curbside pickup it <br />.He said staff would have <br />The Council asked for a rough estimate of total starmdamage cost to the City. <br />Estimates given were: $80,000.00 Parks, $60,000.00 :for-pum@ng, pickup and dumping <br />of water damaged goods, $200,000.00 for streets andlretatning walls. Engineer <br />Hoffman pointed out that underground damage may not be exident for awhile. <br />Mayor Courtney asked for comments from the residents-present. <br />suggested that dumpsters be located at several locations-where damage has been <br />severe. He also questioned whether the storm sewer.on.Tower Street is of an <br />adequate size and that he felt the drainage plain-isrtoo large for the present <br />storm sewer to handle. Peter Hodue said that his:c=oncern.was zhe backup of the <br />sanitary sewer system. Ellen Schwandt presented.a:perti-rtion:for City pickup of <br />water damaged household items. <br />concerned about storm sewers have been advised to-petktionrthe Council to review <br />the storm sewer design in their areas. <br />Following discussion, Member Smith moved +approval af2he.emergency plan presented <br />by the City Manager as follows: <br />parking lot beginning on Wednesday, July 29, and 2) Curbside pickup of water <br />damaged household items to begin on Thursday, July 30 or:Eriday July 31. <br />was seconded by Member Turner. <br />Paul Berge <br />Engineer Hoffman commented-.that residents who are <br />1) Location of a dumpster at the Braemar Area <br />Motion <br />Ayes: Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />The meeting was declared adjourned by Mayor Courtney at 5:45 p.m. <br />%&%,a <br />City Clerk