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MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 8, 1987 <br />4:30 P.M. <br />15 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />Pursuant to due notice, the Council met in the Manager's Conference Room of City <br />Hall to begin review and consideration of the proposed 1988 Budget for the City of <br />Edina . <br />PROPOSED 1988 CITY BUDGET PRESENTED. <br />Budget for the City of Edina summarized as follows. <br />several new challenges: 1) a new levy limit formula, 2) the loss of Federal <br />revenue sharing, 3) a substantial reduction in the transfer from the liquor <br />operation, 4) the imposition of excise taxes on vehicle purchases, and 5) salary <br />adjustments stemming from the City's comparable worth study. Revenues: Real and <br />Personal Property Taxes - The 1987 tax bill limited levy increases to 3% of the <br />previous year's levy after adjusting for household growth. The proposed 1988 levy <br />is limited to $8,569,143, a $524,177 increase from 1987. The proposed levy <br />results in a City mill rate of 12.335 mills, a 3.3% increase from 1987. Building <br />Permit Fees - Projected to be $402,500, a 44% increase from the 1987 budget. <br />Municipal Court Fines - Projected to reach $500,000, a 19% increase from the 1987 <br />budget due primarily to effects of the speed control program. <br />Transfer from the HRA to City for staff services increased to $125,000, funded by <br />City's three tax increment financing districts. <br />Reduction of $50,000 in liquor transfer is proposed. <br />Revenue sharing has now been terminated representing a $225,000 reduction in <br />revenues. Capital Plan - The 1988 contribution from the operating budget is <br />proposed to be $168,000. <br />recent years whereby local revenue sources comprise an ever-increasing percentage <br />of the budget. Expenditures: The 1988 Budget proposes expenditures of <br />$14,403,806, a 5.9% increase from 1987. These items comprise proposed budget <br />increases: 1) Wage/Salary Adjustments - 4% increase, 2) Comparable Worth <br />Adjustments - $67,000 for 1988, 3) Staff Increases - Administration: Promote <br />present G(3) position to T(2) and fill vacant G(3) position to serve as back-up to <br />Clerk; Police: Add one police officer due to'activity growth in southeast Edina, <br />add one G(1) position; Health: Replace present temporary summer position with a <br />permanent part-time position; Park & Recreation: Add one T(1) position to serve as <br />janitor for park facilities; Recycling: Assigning an employee on a full-time basis <br />in order to double pilot recycling project, 4) Strategic Planning Work Program - <br />$10,000 in Administrative budget for a benefits analysis and $15,000 in Park <br />budget for Park & Recreation study, 5) Equipment Replacement Budget & Excise Tax - <br />Overall 3% increase in equipment replacement budget for 1988; $16,000 for excise <br />taxes for certain vehicles, 6) Capital Improvement Plan/Budget - Reduced by <br />$12,000 from the Plan submitted on July 17, 1987. <br />Manager Rosland presented a proposed 1988 <br />The proposed budget presented <br />Services-HRA - <br />Contribution from Liquor Fund - <br />Transfer Revenue Sharing - <br />Revenue Overview - The 1988 Budget reflects the trend of <br />Members of the Edina Human Relations Commission presented specific 1988 budget <br />requests from outside agencies and recommended funding as follows: <br />1) Storefrontflouth Action $36 , 500 <br />2) Senior Community Services 3 , 500 <br />4) The Women's Resource Center 2,500 <br />5) United Battered Families Network 1 , 500 <br />6) West Metro Coordinated Transportation 1 , 500 <br />7) Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association - (Block Grant) <br />8) West Suburban Mediation Center 500 <br />3) Cornerstone Advocacy Service 2,000 <br />Total $48,000 <br />Janet Chandler, Recycling Coordinator, presented the budget request of the <br />Recycling Commission which reflected expansion of the household pick-up pilot <br />project for an additional 3,000 homes. The Council Members discussed the request <br />at length and raised a number of questions as to how to meet the recycling quotas <br />mandated by the county. <br />Manager Rosland briefly explained the Park & Recreation Department's budget <br />request of $25,000 for a new Adaptive Recreation Program for Edina's handicap <br />population of all ages, as recommended by the Edina Park Board and the Edina Human <br />Relations Commission. <br />The Capital Improvement Budget for 1988 of $2,446,000 was reviewed. <br />Rosland pointed out that the key issue for 1988 is the addition to City Hall as <br />recommended in the Space Study Report. <br />Manager <br />The 1988 Budget hearing was continued to September 15, 1987 at 4:30 p.m. <br />formal action was taken. <br />No <br />Adjourned at 6:30 p.m. <br />City Clerk