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N m <br />m Q: <br />MINUTES 45 <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />OCTOBER 12, 1987 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />LANDSCAPING FOR FOSTER GREEN ADDITION (BRUTGER COMPANIES) DISCUSSED. Manager <br />Rosland referred to a letter dated October 6, 1987 from Robert Koch, President, <br />Dewey Hill East Cbndominium Association Board, addressed to the Council stating <br />the Board is gravely concerned about the size and density of the proposed <br />plantings on the north side of the Brutger development on Cahill Road just south <br />of their property. <br />property is four feet lower at that point than the Dewey Hill property thus <br />further reducing the screening ability of the proposed trees. The Board requested <br />that a moratorium be placed immediately on any further plantings and landscaping <br />until an on-site inspection has been accomplished with the Council, staff and <br />their Board. <br />approved that.the plantings in the landscape plan that was approved were <br />represented to be bigger and similar to the plantings on the Dewey Hill property. <br />Manager Rosland said that the landscape plan called for 4" deciduous trees and <br />10-12 foot conifer trees which are larger than required by ordinance and that they <br />are following the landscape plan which was approved. <br />of Brutger, he indicated that some of the trees will be larger than 12 feet. <br />Manager Rosland recommended that Brutger representatives meet with che association <br />board to try to work out an agreement regarding the landscaping. <br />commented that it was a good suggestion and that the role of the Council at this <br />point is be sure that the landscape plan which was approved is in fact being <br />followed, and beyond that she would hope the individual parties can resolve this <br />matter. <br />talk about the matter. No formal action was taken. <br />In addition, they found that the elevation of the Brutger <br />They felt that at the hearing on July 15, 1985 when the rezoning was <br />In talking with Mr. Wilson <br />Member Turner <br />Manager Rosland said that he would try to get the two parties together to <br />PRELIMINARY REZONING TO MDD-5 MIXED DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT AND PRELIMINARY PLAT <br />GRANTED FOR HEDBERG SITE (UNITED PROPERTIES).. <br />public hearing held October 5, 1987 on the request of United Properties for <br />preliminary rezoning to MDD-5 Mixed Development District and preliminary plat for <br />the Hedberg site had been continued so that the developers and staff could provide <br />additional information on issues raised by the Council. <br />discussed were: 1) the public park, and 2) the housing concept. Public Park - He <br />noted that the park design is not finalized at this point and that this unique <br />park is intended to compliment the indoor park at Edinborough. Manager Rosland <br />then presented a comprehensive review of the proposed public park and explained <br />the various areas for the recreational activities which would be used by the <br />entire community in the winter as well as during the summer months. <br />feature that would attract and bring people to the park is the path that would <br />encompass the water component. He said it is designed to provide recreational <br />opportunities for individuals and families that are not available in the existing <br />public park system. <br />amphitheater area on the west side of the pond. <br />goal is to design something that meets the needs of the residents and will be good <br />for the whole City. <br />of an amphitheater as it would mean more maintenance and programming costs. <br />said that in looking at the various cost figures for the project there is no <br />provision for depreciation as for the City's other enterprises, e.g. Braemar <br />Arena, Art Center, Gun Range. She also expressed concern about additional ' . <br />liability for the City because of the water element and that according to the <br />Police Department report approximately 40% of the calls come from southeast Edina. <br />Manager Rosland responded that the policy has been that depreciation on those <br />enterprises have never been funded and that only the operating fund losses are <br />funded. As to liability he said there are existing parks now such as Cornelia <br />which have water and that it is possible that insurance premiums may go up some <br />because of this added facility. <br />Edina area, that is mainly because of the concentration of commercial and senior <br />population in that quadrant. <br />strengthened and that is the purpose of the monthly fees and the contribution to <br />the operating trust fund. <br />it is that will bring people to the proposed park. <br />civic kind of activity or the sell that you would not have to bike down to Lake <br />Harriet because the City now has a large passive park in Edina that would attract <br />residents to the park. <br />for individuals who wish to'use the park and why there is a need for a park office <br />building. In response, Manager Rosland said that it would be both, that this park <br />will be programmed to coordinate with Edinborough activities and that it would <br />fill the need to go to an area like Lake Harriet. <br />the office and commercial areas which would approximate 2,000 spaces. The <br />recreational building would have multi-uses, e.g. warming house in the winter and <br />other uses in the summer months. As to upkeep of an ice skating area, he said it <br />would not require the maintenance expense that is associated with the upkeep of <br />hockey rinks. <br />surrounding the water, both on the residential side and the commercial side. <br />was explained that the green space from the water to the residential/commercial <br />Manager Rosland recalled that the <br />The two major issues <br />The main <br />Cultural and performing arts events could take place in the <br />In conclusion, he said that the <br />Member Kelly said that she was not totally. sold on the idea <br />She <br />Regarding emergency calls from the southeast <br />Emergency services to that area will have to be <br />Member Smith commented that he still has not seen what <br />He asked if it would be a <br />He also asked how much public parking would be available <br />Parking would be shared with <br />Member Richards asked what the scale is of the green space <br />It