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MINUTES <br />SPECIAL YEAR-EM) MEETING <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />DECEMBER 30, 1987 <br />Mayor Courtney called the meeting to order at 5:OO P. M. <br />were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />Answering rollcall <br />89 <br />N <br />u-) <br />m a <br />ANIMAL HUMANE SOCIETY FUNDING REQUEST APPROVED. <br />the letter dated December 15, 1987, from the Animal Humane Society requesting <br />a grant in the amount of $780 from the City of Edina. <br />request was based upon a State Statute allowing governmental bodies to <br />appropriate funds not to exceed $4,800 per year for the maintenance and <br />support of humane societies. <br />per animal received at the Society last year--312 animals from the City of <br />Edina out of a total of 20,000 unwanted pets at the Shelter. Member Richards <br />indicated that this does not seem to be a significant number of animals from <br />the City of Edina, although the funding request does not seem unreasonable. . <br />Manager Rosland explained that the funding for each city is based on service <br />received. Member Kelly questioned the boarding of stray dogs at the City of <br />Edina, and Chief Swanson stated that there is a fine involved. Member <br />Richards requested a list of the communities who have supported the Society <br />and a breakdown of the 20,000 unwanted pets at the Shelter. <br />discussion, Member Kelly's motion to approve the expenditure of $780 to the <br />Animal Humane Society was seconded by Member Richards. <br />Manager Rosland referred to <br />He explained that their <br />The amount of $780 represents an amount of $2.50 <br />With no further <br />Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />Manager Rosland will follow up on the inforhation requested by Member <br />Richards. <br />Public Works Commended for Snow Plowing. <br />and his crews for the excellent job in plowing the streets at Christmas. <br />Date for the Council Party Discussed. <br />proposed date of January 31, 1988, for the Council Party had been cancelled. <br />She suggested the alternative date of March 6. <br />confirm this as soon as possible. <br />Member Kelly complimented Gene Bartz <br />Member Turner reported that the <br />The Council Members will <br />Manager's Year-End Report Discussed. <br />Year-End Report reflects the department heads' accomplishments; he stressed <br />that his staff performs effectively as a team. The words "superior to none" <br />will be changed to "second to none." <br />Campbell prepare a press release concerning the highlights of the past year. <br />Manager Rosland announced that the second addition of the "Highlander" would <br />be in the Sun-Current next week. <br />setting within all the departments. <br />evaluation was scheduled for February 15, 1988. <br />Manager Rosland explained that his <br />Member Turner suggested that Ralph <br />Member Kelly expressed the need for goal <br />She also reported that the City Manager's <br />Statement of Estimated Expenditures and Recommended Transfers Approved. <br />Manager Rosland presented the Statement of Estimated Expenditures and <br />Recommended Transfers for Year Ended December 31, 1987 and recommended <br />approval. <br />the recommended transfers as presented in the "Statement of Estimated <br />Expenditures and Reconnnended Transfers for Year Ended December 31, 1987." <br />Member Richards' motion was seconded by Member Turner to approve <br />. Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />Claims Paid. <br />payment of the following claims as per Pre-List dated 12/29/87: <br />$287,955.50; Art Center, $4,260.22; Capital Fund, $30,189.00; Swimming Pool <br />Fund, $135.51; Golf Course Fund, $11,882.39; Recreation Center Fund, I <br />$9,922.75; Gun Range Fund, $596.37; Edinborough Park, $15,789.22; Utility <br />Fund, $34,211.47; Liquor Dispensary Fund, $40,573.52; Construction Fund, <br />$5,535.72; Total, $441,051.67. <br />Motion of Member Richards was seconded by Member Turner for <br />General Fund, <br />There being no further business on the agenda, Mayor Courtney declared the <br />meeting adjourned at 5:30 P. M. <br />* <br />Acting City Clerk <br />,-'3U% +I Leal?