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111 <br />MINUTES OF THE JOINT MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY/CITY COUNCIL <br />MARCH 7, 1988 <br />cu Ln Ln I: m Q: <br />A joint meeting of the Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority and the City <br />Council was convened to consider concurrently amendments to the Southeast <br />Edina Redevelopment Plan, approval of the Tax Increment Financing Plan and <br />Redevelopment Contract and Condemnation of DeCourcy Property. Action was <br />taken by the HRA and the Counci1,individually as required. <br />Answering rollcall were Commissioners/Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner <br />and Courtney. <br />M[NuTEs of the BRA Meeting of February 22, 1988 were approved as submitted by <br />motion of Commissioner Turner, seconded by Commissioner Kelly. <br />/ <br />Ayes.: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />RESOLUTION ADOPTED APPROVING AMENDMENTS TO SOUTHEAST EDINA REDEVELOPMENT PLAN, <br />TAX INCREMENT FINANCING PLAN AND REDEVELOPMENT CONTRACT. <br />introduced Mr. Peter Jarvis of the development team to update the <br />Commissioners on the Hedberg Project. Mr. Jarvis reported that he had first <br />appeared before the HRA approximately six months ago and at that time went <br />through the Master Plan. <br />this Plan with regard to the park and the 494 Corridor Study. Fundamental <br />questions have been asked about the overall tax increment project. <br />Jarvis presented the exhibits which highlighted the overall Master Plan with <br />changes that have taken place since September--specifically, 110 acres with <br />high quality regional accessibility characteristics. <br />a mixed-use project with all but three acres in Edina. <br />linear orientation, picking up where the Yorktown trail system ends at the <br />north, winding through the project and then cutting through to the west, tying <br />directly into the turnaround that has been created on the west entry to <br />Edinborough Park. <br />and where the traffic characteristics of the immediate site area are the <br />greatest, a series of non-residential uses are arranged, starting with premier <br />office buildings in the southwest corner and at the corner of 76th and France. <br />Included in this area are a major retail center, health and recreation <br />athletic club, a small office statement and a multi-screen movie theater. <br />Across the lake, there is predominately housing all the way from north to <br />south. <br />the low scale, and there will also be high-rise rental housing. A hotel is <br />planned for the Bloomington side. There will be a 26-acre open space going <br />through the development which will allow for jogging, walking, ice skating, <br />cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing. <br />also the linkage between the residential and non-residential. The major <br />changes are in the park area--specifically, the central park. Both a winter <br />park and summer park site plan were shown. Criticism has been made regarding <br />the park structure location with regard to parking. It was suggested that the <br />park be re-oriented, bringing it to the west side, closer to France Avenue to <br />give it a focal point entry off of France Avenue. Whatever the configuration, <br />the retail uses are the most public part of the project, where people are free <br />to come and go. <br />course could be developed in central park, with central park being enlarged <br />and the amphitheater expanded. <br />area separated from the lake in a convenient way for parents or seniors. <br />Jarvis introduced Warren Beck, the developer of the retail portion of the <br />Hedberg project as well as the owner/manager of the Galleria. <br />explained that the master plan is looking at the expansion of the Galleria and <br />the issue of traffic linkage. <br />transit service is going to happen with a minimum of physical conflicts <br />relative to the original design concept. <br />at the present time, as are the draft EIS hearing period and public hearings. <br />Mr. Beck commented on where the plans were a few months ago and how the retail <br />and athletic facilities have evolved. Initially, a two-level enclosed mall <br />with an athletic facility was proposed,. The concept today is the single store <br />visibility and single store access, allowing the customers to drive to and <br />park near the store itself. A 75,000 square foot softgoods store, Mainstreet, <br />is a concept developed by the Federated Stores. <br />category of those at Southdale are being considered. <br />larger store users that may not be 75,000 square feet in size but are more <br />than 15,000 square feet in size that have been seeking the Southdale area <br />locations for some time, and they are being approached. <br />does not have a high level of occupancy generates traffic and ends up being a <br />Manager Rosland <br />Three subsequent meetings have been held discussing <br />Mr. <br />What has been created is <br />It has a north/south <br />Along France Avenue, where the noise level is the highest <br />A minimum of two or three types of housing is contemplated for sale in <br />This area would create the buffer and <br />Mr. Jarvis explained that the environmental putting golf <br />There will be a major tot lot and wading beach <br />Mr. <br />Mr. Beck <br />It appears that the juxtaposition of that <br />The transit analysis is continuing <br />Other stores fitting the <br />There are a number of <br />An enclosed mall that