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117 <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />MARCH 7, 1988 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />RESOLUTION ADOPTED TO SUBMIT APPLICATION FOR ALL AMERICA CITY DESIGNATION <br />Mayor Courtney introduced the following resolution and moved adoption: <br />RESOLUTION <br />WHEREAS, the City of Edina, Minnesota is extremely proud to co-sponsor our <br />community's application to be awarded designation as an All-America City by the <br />National Civic League; and <br />WHEREAS, in its first 100 years, Edina has developed into a community which we <br />believe exemplifies exactly those qualities which are characterized by cities <br />which have earned the All-America City Award; and <br />WHEREAS, the people who live and work here have long established a pattern of <br />involvement, cooperation and commitment to our community; and <br />WHEREAS, we believe.our "civic infrastructure" is strong and vital, and we are <br />very proud of how Edina "works"; and <br />WHEREAS, we think our story of citizen involvement is extraordinary; <br />BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Edina, Minnesota looks <br />forward to favorable evaluation of its application and firmly believes that Edina <br />is worthy of receiving the All-America City Award. <br />ADOPTED this 7th day of March, 1988. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Member Turner. <br />I <br />c\I <br />u-) Ln Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney 1 Motion carried: <br />CENTENNIAL UPDATE was given by Betty Hemstad. <br />was a wonderful success. <br />and it had 3,222 ice blocks at approximately 125 lbs. each for a total of 200 tons <br />of ice that was lifted from the lake. The Castle's dimensions were 46' square, <br />25' high to the top of the peak and 36' to the top of the flags. <br />volunteers worked 2,344 hours to complete it. <br />tournament, Judith Guest, speaker at the Edina Community Library and the Winter <br />Festival Weekend on February 13. Approximately 3,000 Edinans with ages ranging <br />from a few months to 90 were involved. The Festival included snow sculptures, a <br />medallion hunt, family skating event, bandy games, sleigh rides with Mrs. <br />Cardarelle, pony rides, outdoor camping, and a bonfire. The Alumni Hockey Event <br />drew 200 players and 400 spectators and was considered a huge success. The MN <br />State Open Chess Championship was held in February as was the Literary Contest <br />with 1,000 entries. <br />on upcoming events for March. Showcase Edina, with a true variety show flavor <br />will be held on March 18 and 20. <br />Rosland. <br />Sunday, March 20, the winners of the Literary Contest will be announced. <br />of the event will be taped for showing on cable. <br />be a photo-display <br />Immigrant Children", a travelling display from the U of M. <br />Centennial Safety Fair was held at Southdale this past weekend. <br />contest is being planned at this time, and the seedlings are planted and doing <br />well. <br />She reported that the Ice Castle <br />rn a It was begun on January 7 and completed on February 10 <br />Eighty-one <br />Major February events were a bridge <br />The Cake Contest was also a popular event. Kay Bach reported <br />Master of Ceremonies will be Manager Ken <br />The first raffle drawing will be at the March 18 performance. On <br />Portions <br />At the end of March there will <br />at the Edina Library called the "Go-Betweens/Lives of <br />A successful <br />The flower garden <br />CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ADOPTED. <br />Member Smith to approve and adopt the consent items as presented. <br />Motion was made by Member Kelly and seconded by <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />*MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF FEBRUARY 22. 1988 APPROVED. <br />Member Kelly and seconded by Member Smith to approve the minutes of the Regular <br />Meeting of February 22, 1988 as submitted. <br />Motion carried on rollcall vote, five ayes. <br />Motion was made by <br />*LOT DIVISION RESOLUTION FOR LOT 3. BLOCK 1, SIOUX TRAIL FOURTH ADDITION - (7017 <br />AND 7019 MCCAULEY TRAIL). <br />Motion was made by Member Kelly and seconded by Member Smith to adopt the <br />following resolution: <br />-, the following described property is at present a single tract of land: <br />'RHEREBs, the owner has requested the subdivision of said tract into separate <br />parcels (herein called "Parcels") described as follows: <br />RESOLUTION <br />Lot 3, Block 1, SIOUX TRAIL FOURTH ADDITION; and <br />Parcel 1 <br />That part of Lot 3, Block 1, SIOUX TRAIL FOURTH ADDITION, according to the <br />recorded plat thereof, lying northerly of a line hereinafter described as <br />Line A, <br />'