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MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING 173 <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JUNE 6, 1988 <br />The Edina City Council held a special meeting on Monday, June 6, 1988 at 4:30 p.m. <br />to receive the report of the Park and Recreation Task Force. <br />Present were Members Kelly, Smith, Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />Staff present were Manager Rosland, Assistant Manager Hughes, Park and Recreation <br />Director Kojetin and Clerk Daehn. Task Force Members present were Joan Lonsbury, <br />Chair, Don Wineberg, Linda Farrell, Patrick Finley, Coletta Furlong, Peter Meyers, <br />Jill Blooston and Lynn Shackelford. <br />Chair Joan Lonsbury advised that the Task Force, as directed by the Council, had: <br />1) Made an inventory of existing Park and Recreation facilities; 2) Conducted a <br />public opinion survey concerning programs, maintenance, and fees/charges; 3) <br />Compared Edina's maintenance staffing budget with other cities; 4) Conducted an <br />independent audit concerning the present condition of parks and facilities; <br />5) Compared Edina's user fee structure with other cities; and 6) Had drafted <br />findings and recommendations. <br />Mr. Wineberg explained the main objectives, method and timing of the public <br />opinion survey and reported on the key findings as contained in Appendix C of the <br />Report. <br />Mrs. Furlong reported on the survey of Park and Recreation Department of other <br />cities as contained in Appendix A of the Report. <br />comparisons with other cities was extremely difficult because they handle park <br />maintenance duties in various ways. The same is true for fees and charges. <br />The park audit was the joint effort of all members of the Task Force, with some <br />special assignments. The enterprise facilities were not included in the audit. <br />The overall impression was very positive and many of the deficiencies noted were <br />already scheduled for routine maintenance during the summer. Three general <br />weaknesses that seemed to affect many Edina parks were: 1) condition of bleachers, <br />2) restrooms, and 3) drinking fountains. <br />She explained that the I-r) Lo I <br />Q: m <br />The conclusions as outlined in the Report were summarized as follows. Based upon <br />the public opinion survey the parks and recreation facilities meet the desires and <br />expectation of the residents. In general, Edina's parks are maintained to a <br />reasonable level and meet the expectations of the community. <br />neighboring cities do not charge field maintenance fees for youth athletics. <br />public opinion survey indicated that the present fee structure, including the <br />recently adopted field maintenance fee, is generally well received. <br />Most of the <br />The <br />Following the presentation of the findings and conclusions the Council Members <br />briefly discussed the report in general and how to proceed with the information it <br />provided. <br />for their comments and then be placed on the Council Agenda for further <br />consideration. <br />It was informally agreed that it should be referred to the Park Board <br />No formal action was taken and no other business was discussed by the Council. <br />The meeting adjourned at 6:OO p.m. <br />City Clerk