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MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 9, 1988 <br />4:30 P.M. <br />251 <br />c\I Ln Ln I: m a <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney <br />Pursuant to due notice given, the Council met in the Manager's Conference Room of <br />City Hall to begin review and consideration of the proposed 1989 Budget for the <br />City of Edina. <br />HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION AND RECYCLING PROPOSALS PRESENTED. <br />advised that presentations would be made by the Edina Human Relations Commission <br />who has reviewed all the requests for funding from agencies delivering human <br />services to citizens of Edina and that the Edina Recycling Commission would <br />explain their recycling program proposal for 1989. <br />Commission Budaet Proposal - John Senior, Jr., chairman, commented that the <br />Commission, at the request of the Council, has been reviewing these requests for <br />the last three years and has then brought their recommendation to the Council. <br />The criteria used in the review process were: 1) need of Edina's citizens, 2) <br />population of citizens served, 3) effectiveness of services provided, and 4) cost <br />of services provided. The Commission has worked within a budget of what has been <br />spent last year, plus a 4% increase. <br />presented as follows : Storefront/Youth Action $37,500, Senior Community Services <br />$4,000, Women's Resource Center $2,500, Cornerstone Advocacy Service $2,000, VEAP <br />$1,500 and West Suburban Mediation Center $500 for a total of $50,000. <br />noted that VEAP has taken over the West Metro Transportation for senior citizens. <br />Also, that the $4,000 for Senior Community Services is the largest funding <br />increase and it was the consensus of the Commission that if there was more money <br />available that the City should consider additional funding as the amount of <br />contacts they make is incredible and have more than tripled over last year. <br />main goal of Senior Outreach is to try to keep seniors out of nursing homes by <br />working with them within the confines of their homes through programs that are <br />available to assist them. Mr. Senior said that the Commission has also looked at <br />South Hennepin Human Service Council's (SHHSC) request for funding which is <br />approximately $4,000 more than last year's request. <br />based on a per capita amount of $.30 from each of the four cities, e.g. Edina, <br />Bloomington, Richfield and Eden Prairie. Following discussion of the various <br />funding requests, the Council Members asked for additional information regarding <br />the number of senior citizens in Edina and the percentage of Edina's seniors that <br />are considered "low income". Edina Recycling - Commission Budaet - Proposal - <br />Levering Wood, chairman, stated that the Commission's recommendation is for <br />Alternative #1 in the Recycling Budget Proposal which would be for weekly, same <br />day (as garbage) pickup, curbside with containers provided, April start for a net <br />cost to the City of $74,588 which equates to approximately $.60/month per <br />household. <br />due to cost and time savings. It is expected that Edina will achieve the <br />abatement goals that were set by Hennepin County if this alternative is <br />implemented. Following considerable debate, the Commission felt that the <br />container provision is critical to the development of a quality recyclying <br />program. The Commission also recommended that the City include a fee for <br />recycling on the quarterly water billings. <br />Edina has had a very comprehensive pickup service/drop off recycling center, <br />recently added a city-wide curbside pickup compost service and soon would have a <br />city-wide pickup recycling program. This should make Edina's system a very <br />comprehensive system, one to be proud of, and thereby Edina will be doing its best <br />to meet its goal for landfill abatement. The Commission also felt that once this <br />total recycling program has been established that the City should start thinking <br />about volume based fees for service. Janet Chandler, Recycling Coordinator, <br />explained the advantages/disadvantages of a City operated recycling program versus <br />a contracted hauler option. The contracted hauler option would: 1) encourage a <br />greater participation rate and volume, 2) haulers can set up a very efficient <br />system and could probably serve the entire City on one day of the week, 3) haulers <br />can better deal with breakdown of equipment and have storage space at processing <br />centers, 4) haulers are better able to cope with any problems in local markets, <br />and 5) haulers are designing recycling systems to serve apartment buildings, which <br />service could be contracted by apartment complexes with no cost to the City. Mrs. <br />Chandler said that for study purposes, proposals were received from four recycling <br />contractors. In general, their fees would be set on a per household basis with an <br />added factor for tonnage above a certain amount. Options such as curbside pickup, <br />garage pickup and frequency of pickup were included in a scale of charges. The <br />recycling contract cost as shown in the budget proposal is a "middle-of-the-road" <br />figure based on the proposals received. She also reviewed the role of Hennepin <br />County as to funding and recycling goals. The proposed recycling program for 1989 <br />was summarized as follows: Features - Weekly pickup service, curbside, starting <br />April 1, one container for each household, serving all single family dwellings, <br />Recycling Center remains open as needed, contractor receives proceeds from sale of <br />materials (Garage pickup option shown as an add-on). Anticipated Results - 120 <br />tons/month January, February, March; 250 tons/month April through December, 2,610 <br />tons total, 13% waste reduction. Funding - 70% funding by Hennepin County (except <br />containers); containers @ $7; Hennepin Co. $4, Edina $3. Alternative #1 - cost <br />Manager Rosland <br />Edina Human Relations <br />The budget proposal for human services was <br />It was <br />Their <br />The funding request is now <br />The Commission favored curbside pickup over garage pickup primarily <br />Mr. Wood pointed out that for years