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MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 15, 1988 <br />4:30 P.M. <br />253 <br />N Lo m I m a <br />Answering rollcall were Members Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />entered the meeting at 4:45 p.m. <br />Member Kelly <br />HEARING CONTINUED ON 1989 BUDGET. <br />meeting on September 9, 1988 the Council had raised questions regarding proposed <br />staff additions and that additional information would be presented in response. <br />Chief Ted Paulfranz said that the parttime clerk for the Fire Department would be <br />handling the EMS billings. He explained how this additional help would improve <br />the collection process, noting that no benefits would be paid for this parttime <br />clerk. <br />Rosland explained that the proposed figure of $28,800 for Council payroll includes <br />an additional $100/month for Council Members and $150/month for the Mayor as <br />agreed previously. <br />Education was to include sending an elected official to the National League of <br />Cities Conference. Administration - Regarding Dues & Subscriptions, it was <br />pointed out that the LMC dues will increase by 6%, with the dues for AMM and MLC <br />increasing by 4%. Planninq - Member Kelly asked if there is adequate staffing in <br />the Planning Department because of the Centennial Lakes Project. Manager Rosland <br />indicated that it was adequate and said that all departments work up to their <br />maximum capacity. <br />performance of data processing by LOGIS. <br />was improving and that LOGIS is now doing long range planning in an effort to <br />better their performance. As to the increase for data processing services, <br />Finance Director Wallin said this was due to LOGIS's changing their billing <br />system. <br />considering the low voter turnout but that there was very positive reaction to the <br />new voting system. <br />services could be reduced by $4,000. <br />why the prosecuting services show a decrease. <br />response to the Council's concerns regarding legal fees, the prosecutor's office <br />has been asked to review their fee structure and that staff felt the $125,000 <br />budgeted for 1989 will be adequate based on past history. Street Maintenance - <br />Member Richards asked if the City is keeping up with maintenance of the City's <br />streets on an orderly basis. Engineer Hoffman explained that the City is on a <br />plan of 10 years for seal coating and that staff is working on a pavement analysis <br />of all streets over the next two years as to costs and effectiveness of doing <br />different types of maintenance. Sidewalks - Ramps - Parking Lots - The issue of <br />assessment of maintenance costs for the ramps at 50th/France was mentioned. <br />was pointed out that the annual assessment to the 50th/France commercial area for <br />cleaning and minor repairs would be on the Council Agenda of October 3, 1988 and <br />that it may be the appropriate time to bring up the issue. <br />Member Richards asked what the proposed $28,000 Uniform Allowance covered. <br />Swanson said that uniforms and equipment is purchased from this allowance for both <br />the officers and the CSOs. In 1989 the Department is looking at the start of <br />conversion to a different form of semi-automatic firearm. Park & <br />Recreation/Administration - Member Kelly questioned the increase in the <br />professional services line item. <br />proposed for 1989 included the contracted employee for the Adaptive Recreational <br />Program administered with the City of Richfield. <br />above and beyond expectations. <br />the relocation of the Senior Center are included in the Budget. Director Kojetin <br />said that it is not reflected in the Park & Recreation Budget. <br />committee had looked at Vernon Terrace as a possible location but has been turned <br />down. They are now looking at the Edina Community Center as a possibility; two <br />other vacant buildings are also being considered. <br />the 1989 Budget should include an amount for rental fees for the Senior Center <br />when it is relocated. <br />square footage of the Center and the approximate $5.00/square foot rental at the <br />Community Center that an amount of approximately $50,000 would be the best <br />estimate for rental of space. Member Richards said that, hopefully, the research <br />committee could bring back a proposal by the October 3rd meeting. <br />Recreation General - Member Kelly asked if the Park & Recreation Budget reflects <br />any of the recommendations made by the Park & Recreation Task Force. <br />Kojetin explained that the Task Force's findings have been addressed by the <br />request for the park janitor and an increase for personal services under Litter <br />Removal. As to upgrading of playground equipment, he said that is reflected in <br />the budget. Bob Christianson, Chair of the Edina Park Board, said that, with <br />respect to the proposed fee and charges for the Park & Recreation Department, the <br />Board was reticent to adopt the fees recommended by staff in two areas. <br />the Board proposed that the Arena season tickets for resident family be increased <br />to $55.00 instead of $60.00 and that the resident individual be increased to <br />$35.00 instead of $40.00. Second, that the Pool season tickets for resident <br />family be increased to $46.00 instead of $48.00 and that the resident individual <br />be increased to $30.00 instead of $31.00. <br />information regarding the $35,000 line item under Public Works Building for <br />Building Ventilation. <br />Manager Rosland recalled that at the budget <br />The following budget areas were discussed: Mavor and Council - Manager <br />Member Turner noted that the budgeted amount for Continuing <br />Finance - Member Turner asked if staff was satisfied with the <br />Manager Rosland said their performance <br />Election - It was noted that the Primary Election was very expensive <br />City Clerk Daehn mentioned that the budget for professional <br />Legal & Court Services - Member Kelly asked <br />Manager Rosland indicated that, in <br />It <br />Police Protection - <br />Chief <br />Director Kojetin explained that the $33,000 <br />He added that the Program is <br />Senior Center - Member Kelly asked where costs for <br />The research <br />Member Kelly said she felt that <br />Manager Rosland said that based on the present 10,000 <br />Park & <br />Director <br />First, <br />Capital Plan - Member Turner asked for <br />Engineer Hoffman explained that the air movement in the