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cu Ln Lo 72 m a <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 19, 1988 <br />255 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />AAA PEDESTRIAN SAFETY RECORD AWARD PRESENTED TO CITY. <br />Services Manager, Automobile Club of Minneapolis, presented a special citation for <br />Outstanding Pedestrian Accident Record to the City of Edina. <br />Edina's record has been zero pedestrian deaths during 1987. <br />recognition to the community of Edina for outstanding pedestrian safety program <br />activities which include the evaluation of the accident record system, specific <br />pedestrian control legislation, enforcement of pedestrian and driver behavior, <br />traffic engineering service for pedestrians, community traffic safety coordination <br />and school traffic safety and public information and education. <br />and Chief Swanson received the plaque on behalf of the City. <br />JoAnne Boche, Community <br />She stated that <br />The award gives <br />Mayor Courtney <br />CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ADOPTED. <br />Member Turner to approve and adopt the consent agenda items as presented. <br />Motion was made by Member Kelly and seconded by <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved and ordered placed on file. <br />given, public hearings were conducted .and action taken as hereinafter recorded on <br />the following proposed assessments. <br />Due notice having been <br />1. MAINTENANCE IMPROVEMENT NO. M-88 <br />Locat.ion: 50th Street and France Avenue Business District <br />Engineer Fran Hoffman presented analysis of assessment showing total cost of <br />$42,156.84 proposed to be assessed against 295,030 assessable square feet at <br />$0.14289 per square foot. <br />that staff had met with nine SOth/France business owners and had talked to them <br />about the parking ramp maintenance fees that may be assessed in the future. <br />Engineer Hoffman recommended that the current assessment be continued to October <br />3, 1988, so that notices can be sent to all businesses at 50th/France. Motion was <br />made by Member Turner, seconded by Member Richards, and carried unanimously to <br />continue the public hearing on Maintenance Improvement No. M-88 to the Council <br />Meeting of October 3, 1988. <br />One year assessment to be paid in 1989. He advised <br />2. TREE REMOVAL PROJECT NO. TR-88 <br />Location: Various locations of diseased trees within the City of Edina <br />Engineer Hoffman presented analysis of assessment showing total cost of $2,413.50 <br />proposed to be assessed against 10 assessable lots allocated individually per size <br />of tree removed. Assessments to be spread over one year and five years depending <br />on amount of assessment. <br />prior hereto. <br />Turner and carried unanimously. (Assessment levied by Resolution later in <br />Minutes. ) <br />No objections were heard and none had been received <br />Assessment approved by motion of Member Kelly, seconded by Member <br />3. AQUATIC WEED IMPROVEMENT NO. AQ-88 <br />Location: Indianhead Lake and Mill Pond <br />Assistant Manager Hughes presented analysis of assessment showing total cost for <br />Indianhead Lake of $6,893.00 proposed to be assessed against 33 homes at $208.87 <br />per home and total cost for the Mill Pond of $7,418.00 proposed to be assessed <br />against 63 homes. One year assessment to be paid in 1989. Steven Snyder, 4601 <br />Sunnyside Road, stated his objection referred to that portion of the assessment <br />that relates to the use of chemicals to control aquatic vegetation. He reiterated <br />he objection as stated in his letter of September 10, 1988 and said, in his <br />opinion, what needs to be addressed is some type of policy to begin a restriction <br />on fertilizer run-off that is occurring into Minnehaha Creek and the Mill Pond <br />that causes the algae and weed growth. He suggested that when the notice of the <br />assessment is sent that the landowners along the creek and pond be told that there <br />are options other than phosphorous based fertilizers that could be used on <br />backyards sloping to the creek. <br />accomplish the same thing without stimulating the weed growth. <br />adjacent landowners don't realize the relationship between phosphorous fertilizers <br />applied to areas sloping to the creek and pond and the weed growth that occurs in <br />the Mill Pond. Also, steps should be taken to work with the up-stream communities <br />to see if the same type of policy could be achieved which eventually would result <br />in a beneficial impact in restoring the creek and the pond to a more natural <br />condition. Following discussion of the issues raised by Mr. Snyder, Manager <br />Rosland said staff would develop a proposed policy for future use of chemicals <br />relating to Minnehaha Creek and the Mill Pond. <br />Assessment approved by motion of Member Smith, seconded by Member Turner and <br />carried unanimously. <br />4. STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-272 <br />Engineer Hoffman presented analysis of assessment for Street Improvement NO. <br />BA-272 showing total construction cost of $14,230.70 proposed to be assessed <br />against 10 lots at $1,423.07 per assessable lot, against estimated assessment of <br />$2,241.18 per lot. <br />Nitrogen based fertilizers are available and <br />He added that <br />No further objections were heard. <br />(Assessment levied by resolution later in Minutes. <br />Location: Dearborn Court in Dearborn Addition and Blake Woods Addition <br />Assessments to be spread over 10 years. No objections were