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11/21/88 <br />348 <br />She suggested that the public be informed as to the process that will be followed. <br />Member Richards commented that the process is open, but that the Council cannot <br />formally deal with the appointment until the first meeting in January when there <br />will be a vacancy. <br />forth his thoughts on how to proceed so that this can be discussed by the Council <br />at the December 5 meeting. <br />COUNCIL PACKET BEING SENT TO COUNCIL MEMBER ELECT PAULUS. <br />that a Council packet has been sent to Council Member Elect Jane Paulus and that <br />we will continue to provide a packet to her until she takes office in January. <br />said he had also invited her to attend the Council meetings. <br />CLAIMS PAID. <br />approve payment of the following claims as per pre-list dated 11/21/88: General <br />Fund $329,452.96, Art Center $3,620.04, Capital Fund $12,434.50, Swimming Pool <br />Fund $118.84, Golf Course Fund $12,278.08, Recreation Center Fund $143,118.26, Gun <br />Range Fund $369.01, Edinborough Park $9,573.86, Utility Fund $9,376.69, Liquor <br />Dispensary Fund $77,086.52, Construction Fund $59,690.43, Total $657,129.19 and <br />for confirmation of payment of the following claims dated 10/31/88: General Fund <br />$12,072,714.80, Art Center $957.70, Svimming Pool Fund $3,231.71, Golf Course Fund <br />$13,360.44, Recreation Center Fund $7,782.19, Gun Range Fund $444.32, Edinborough <br />Park $11,030.22, Utiliw Fund $43,452.77, Liquor Dispensary Fund $238,372.45, <br />Total $12,391.346.60. <br />He said he would circulate a memorandum to the Council setting <br />d <br />Manager Rosland advised <br />He <br />I Motion was made by Member Kelly and was seconded by Member Turner to <br />Motion carried on rollcall vote, five ayes. <br />There being no further business on the Council Agenda, Mayor Courtney declared the <br />meeting adjourned at 10:02 p.m. <br />, . -- <br />City Clerk <br />MXNUTES <br />OF THE CLOSED MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />DECEMBER 5, 1988 <br />Council Member Present: Kelly, Smith, Turner and Mayor Courtney <br />Others Present: City Staff and City Attorney <br />The Edina City Council held a closed meeting on Monday, December 5, 1988 at 6:15 <br />p.m. for the purpose of discussing possible litigation concerning the proposed <br />Berenberg subdivision. <br />Attorney Erickson explained the City's legal position on the proposed subdivision. <br />He also advised that, considering the Council's concern with regard to requests <br />for subdivision of large lots, a moratorium on platting and subdivision of lots in <br />any Single Dwelling Unit District be considered by the Council so that the <br />existing ordinances and controls regulating plats and subdivisions could be <br />studied to determine whether or not they should be amended. <br />taken and no other business was discussed by the Council. <br />at 6:50 p.m. <br />No formal action was <br />The meeting adjourned <br />+aucvc-3, Wk <br />City Clerk