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1 MNlPTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />JANUARY 9, 1989 <br />EDINA CITY couNcrL HELD AT CITY IFBLL <br />The meeting was called to order by Member Kelly at 7:OO p.m. <br />OATHS OF OFFICE TAKEN <br />Richards who had been elected mayor for a term to January 1, 1993. <br />office of Council Member were then taken by Peggy Kelly and Jane Paulus who had <br />been elected Council Members for terms to January 1, 1993. <br />ROTLCAIX Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Paulus, Smith and Mayor Richards. <br />The oath of office of mayor was taken by Frederick S. <br />Oaths of <br />BERNARD (JACK) G. RICE. JR. APPOINTED AS COUNCIL MEMBER Mayor Richards explained <br />the process that was used to fill the remaining two-year term on the Council that <br />he had vacated as of 6:30 p.m. January 9, 1989. Following announcement of the <br />vacancy in the Edina Sun-Current twenty individuals had applied for appointment as <br />follows: Dr. Byron H. Armstrong, Doris S. Barman, Dr. James Berry, William B. <br />Brellenthin, Jerry Dalen, Tracy R. Eichhorn-Hicks, John S. Hoyt, Jr., Bill <br />,-3enkins, Irving R. Keldsen, Steven Krikava, Mary Ellen McNutt, Charles M. Miller, <br />Donna J. Montgomery, Mark R. Nordling, Donald G. Patton, Bernard (Jack) G. Rice, <br />Jr., Walter Sandison, John Senior, Jr., Richards M. Smith, Geoff Workinger. Mayor <br />Richards thanked the applicants for taking the time, and for expressing their <br />views, which he said was extremely helpful to the Council in determining the focus <br />for the future. <br />He stated that, as Mayor-Elect, he had met with each Council Member and <br />Member-Elect Paulus to develop a composite as to what the community might wish in <br />terms of a new Council Member. Also considered were the facts that the Council <br />was losing two members with over 30 years experience combined, that new blood was <br />vital and also that youth was vital. A format of questions was developed that <br />were then asked of each candidate during a 30 minute interview. Some of the <br />important highlights of the interviews were that the candidate should exhibit <br />these traits: <br />- <br />- Experience in the community. - - <br />Recognition that Edina is a leader and should be a showcase to other <br />communities on how to run local government and how to run it right. <br />Ability to interface with the private sector. <br />Knowledge of the wide variety of housing stock, and recognition that Edina <br />is primarily a community of single family homes. <br />Conservative fiscal philosophy, while acknowledging that the citizens want <br />quality services. <br />- <br />Mayor Richards stated that, in order to select a candidate for nomination, the <br />Council Members had meet at 6:30 p.m. in an opening meeting to share their views <br />on the candidates and to come to agreement on the nomination. <br />Mayor Richards then made a motion nominating Bernard (Jack) G. Rice, Jr. for <br />appointment to the Edina City Council. Motion was seconded by Member Kelly. <br />Mayor Richards presented the following background information regarding Mr. Rice: <br />- Fourteen year resident of Edina - Served as an athletic coach to various teams - Served on the Edina Park Board and was chairman for two years - Been involved with various School Board activities - Served as president of the East Edina Housing Foundation - Lived and currently is living in a single family residence; has lived <br />in multi-dwellfng units for five years - Real estate developer (retail/commercial)