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132 dS <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING <br />EDRiIB CITY COUNCIL HELD AT - APRIL 3, 1989 <br />The meeting was called to order by Mayor Richards <br />OF THE <br />CITY HALTA <br />at 7:OO p.m. <br />ROILCALL Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith and Richards. <br />ED= HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' BASKETBALL 'TEAM AND BOYS' SWIMMING TEAM COMMENDED Mayor <br />Richards presented resolutions of commendation for the Edina High School Girls' <br />Basketball Team and Boys' Swimming Team for recent accomplishments in state meets. <br />The resolutions were unanimously adopted. <br />RESOLUTION ADOPTED FOR WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD Motion of Member Kelly was seconded <br />by Member Paulus for adoption of the following resolution: <br />THE WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD RESOLUTION <br />WHEWCAS we recognize the critical important of the care and healthy development of <br />young children from infancy through their early years in school; and <br />QHEREAS young children have a birthright to love, respect, security, health and <br />protection; and <br />QHEREAS those who care for and teach young children--parents, child care providers <br />and early childhood education teachers--deserve recognition and support from our <br />community. <br />NOU, THEREFORE, I, Frederick S. Richards, Mayor of the City of Edina, proclaim the <br />week of April 2-8, 1989 to be: <br />and urge all citizens to renew their efforts to support young children, the <br />programs that serve them and the dedicated individuals who care for and teach them <br />ADOPTED this 3rd day of April. 1989. <br />TBE WFXK OF THE YOUNG CHILD <br />-. <br />I Motion was adopted &animksly. <br />CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ADOPTED <br />Member Kelly to approve and adopt the consent agenda items as presented. <br />Motion was made by Member Paulus and was seconded by <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith, Richards <br />Motion carried. <br />*MINUTES OF THE REGULARMEETING OF JANUARY 9. 1989 APPROVED <br />Member Paulus and was seconded by Member Kelly to approve the minutes of the <br />regular meeting of January 9, 1989. <br />Motion was made by <br />Motion carried on rollcall vote, five ayes. <br />PUBLIC HEARING CONDUCTED: SIDEWAIX IMPROVE3ENT S-46 AUTHORIZED Affidavits of <br />Notice were presented by Clerk, approved and ordered placed on file. <br />due notice given, a public hearing was conducted and action taken as hereinafter <br />set forth: <br />Pursuant to <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENT NO. P-S-46 IN THE FOLLOWING; <br />Xerxes Avenue from West 60th Street to West 62nd Street (West Side) <br />Engineer Hoffman stated that the proposed sidewalk improvement has been petitioned <br />for by residents on Xerxes Avenue from West 60th Street to West 62nd Street to <br />provide better pedestrian access to the Southdale area and for safety <br />considerations. <br />He explained that Xerxes Avenue is a county road and Hennepin County does not <br />construct sidewalks unless funded by the City. <br />proposed to be funded from municipal gas tax funds as this would be an eligible <br />project, with no assessment against abutting property. <br />estimated at $24,378.48. <br />state standards, a variance may be required'if this problem cannot be worked out <br />administratively. <br />Accordingly, the project is <br />Cost of the project is <br />Because the roadway is not wide enough according to