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MINUTES OF THE JOINT MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY/CITY COUNCIL <br />HELD AT EDINA CITY HALL <br />APRIL 17, 1989 <br />148 <br />(Mayor Richards convened a joint HRB/Council meeting during the Council Meeting to I <br />consider the following items concurrently.) <br />Present were Commissioners/Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith and Richards. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON AMENDMENT TO FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN, EDINBOROUGH AND AMENDMENT <br />TO ZONING ORDINANCE CONTINUED TO 5/1/89 <br />Clerk and ordered.placed on file. <br />Edinborough and the amendment'. to the Zoning Ordinance affecting the same <br />property, public hearings were conducted concurrently. <br />presented the request for Final Development Plan for Edinborough and for amendment <br />of the Zoning Ordinance for a vacant 3.5 acre parcel located immediately west of <br />the senior high rise and southwest of Edinborough Park. <br />Amendment to Final Development Plan and Zoning - Ordinance Amendment - The approved <br />plan, as amended in 1987, illustrated an eight story, 159,470 square foot office' <br />building. He advised that the office building has not been constructed. <br />has received a request from Hawthorn Suites to amend the Final Development Plan to <br />allow the construction of a seven story, 142 unit hotel. <br />Another action that would be required would be amendment of the Zoning Ordinance. <br />The Mixed Development District MDD-5 does not allow the hotel as a free standing <br />principal use. The proponents are requesting that hotels be added as a permited <br />principal use in the MDD-5 District. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by <br />The amendment to the Final Development Plan, <br />Planner Craig Larsen <br />Staff <br />. <br />Planner Larsen explained that the proposed hotel contains 136 two-room suites and <br />six efficiency units, one on each floor, designed for handicapped occupancy. The <br />units range in size from 450 to 500 square feet with the efficiencies at 408 <br />square feet. <br />traveler. <br />area where guests are served complimentary breakfast and hor d'oeurves in the <br />evening. <br />a gross floor area of 90,286 square feet. <br />for the existing'easterly seven story office building and 104 feet in height for <br />the eight story office building previously approved. <br />Planner Larsen presented a graphic illustrating proposed parking and landscaping. <br />Parking required would be 157 spaces; 166 spaces are provided by the site plan. <br />BRW, Inc. drafted the landscape plan which emphasized two things. First, would be <br />be compatibility with the overall Edinborough landscaping concept, and secondly, <br />the screening of the service entrance on the north side of the hotel. <br />The MDD-5 District requires a building setback of 50 feet from the perimeter of <br />the tract. <br />the westerly property line. <br />foot setback, but did not have the step design to the building which staff <br />encouraged the developers to incoroporate, similar to the existing office <br />building. <br />developer's need to maintain the proposed room count. The approved site plan for <br />Phase I1 office building at the site received a variance to reduce the setback to <br />27 feet at this same point. <br />Planner Larsen pointed out that the City retained BRW, Inc. to critique the design <br />of the hotel proposal principally because BRW, Inc. was the master planner for <br />Edinborough. <br />compatible with and complementary to Edinborough. <br />The hotel is designed to attract the extended stay business <br />The hotel does not have a restaurant or bar but does have a reception <br />The hotel would be seven stories and 65 feet in height and would contain <br />This would compare to 90 feet in height <br />The proposed plan illustrates a setback of slightly over 36 feet from <br />The original proposal by Hawthorn did maintain a.50 <br />The reduced setback is a result of the design modification and the <br />- I <br />Staff believes that the hotel represents a use which would be <br />The hotel does not have a bar