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187 <br />MINUTES OF THE JOINT 'LIEETING OF THE <br />EDINA HOUSING AND REDEVELOl"T AUTHORITY/CITY COUNCIL <br />HELD AT EDINA CITY HALL <br />HAY 1, 1989 <br />A joint meeting of the Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority and the City <br />Council was convened to consider concurrently: Edinborough - Hawthorn Hotel <br />Development and Edinborough - Housing Revenue Bonds. <br />and the Council as required and as recorded. <br />ROLLCALL Answering rollcall were Commissioners/Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith <br />and Richards. <br />Action was taken by the HRA <br />MINUTES of the HRB Meeting of April 3, 1989 were approved as submitted by motion <br />of Commissioner Kelly, seconded by Commissioner Paulus. <br />Ayes: Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith, Richards <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON AMENDMENTS TO FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN. ZONING ORDINANCE AND <br />REDEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT. EDINBOROUGH CONTINUED TO 5/15/89 Executive Director <br />Gordon Hughes recalled that on April 17, 1989 the HRA and Council reviewed the <br />development proposal of Hawthorn Suites for the vacant parcel at Edinborough. <br />public hearing on amendments to the Final Development Plan, Zoning Ordinance and <br />Redevelopment Agreement for Edinborough was continued with the request that the <br />following items be addressed or clarified. <br />The <br />1. Project signage, <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. Provisions to insure that the hotel will be built and fees will be paid <br />5. Service of beer, wine and liquor'at the hotel. <br />Zoning Ordinance amendment relative to permitted hotels, <br />Public parking rights on the hotel site, <br />when due, and <br />Signage - - A sign ordinance amendment will be prepared which will address <br />commercial signage in the MDD-5 and MDD-6 districts and will control signage for <br />Edinborough and Centennial Lakes. <br />now used in the PC-3 Commercial District. <br />would conform to the PC-3 signage standards. In addition, signage in a mixed use . <br />development should have a common theme. <br />The same standards will be proposed that are <br />The proposed signage for the hotel <br />.r <br />Zoning: Ordinance Amendment -I Hotels are currently an allowed use in the PC-2 and <br />PC-3 zoning districts. The proposed amendment would allow only "suites hotels" in <br />the MDD-5 district and would be defined as a hotel in which at least 80% of the <br />rooms are two-room suites 400 square feet or greater in size. <br />Parking <br />spaces. <br />and 100 <br />- The revised parking plan for Hawthorn Suites provides 186 surface <br />spaces would be shared with the park on a non-exclusive basis. The <br />Eighty-six of the spaces are proposed to be reserved for hotel guests, <br />reserved spaces could be signed at the entrance to the lot rather than by <br />individual signs at each parking space. <br />of the spaces. <br />Hawthorn would construct and maintain all <br />For future parking, Hawthorn would agree to' a reservation in favor of the City to <br />construct a one-level parking deck on the hotel site, provided that the lower <br />level is enclosed and Hawthorn approves of architectural design. <br />requests assurances that ramp construction will not impact hotel operations. <br />In consideration of the increased parking lot size and public use, the HRA would <br />assume responsibility for the construction of the tramway/service drive area <br />located partially on City park property and partially on hotel property as well as <br />the public sidewalk, extending from Edinborough Way on the south and west to the <br />westerly entrance to Edinborough Park. <br />Hawthorn also <br />.