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i 268 MN0;rPIS <br />OF THE CLOSED COUNCIL mTING <br />HELD AT EDINB CITY HALL <br />JULY 6, 1989 I A closed Council Meeting was held on July 6, 1989 at 8:OO a.m. for the purpose of <br />discussing potential litigation concerning issuance of a building permit for <br />Lot 9, White Oaks Second Addition. <br />In attendance were Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice and Mayor Richards. Staff members <br />present were Assistant Manager Hughes, Planner Larsen, Engineer Hoffman, Attorney <br />Erickson and Clerk Daehn. <br />Attorney Erickson referred to the June 19, 1989 direction of the Council to staff <br />to prepare findings which the Council would use to determine whether or not a <br />building permit should be issued for construction of a single family house on <br />Lot 9. He advised the Council of the legal ramifications of denial of the <br />building permit and explained the legal opinion concerning the issuance or denial <br />of the permit together with alternatives for the Council's consideration. <br />Following discussion the Council confirmed the action taken on June 19, 1989 to <br />prepare findings in support of denial of a building permit for the subject <br />property and agreed that the City not acquire the property. <br />No other business was discussed by the Council Members. <br />9:15 a.m. <br />Meeting was adjourned at <br />I -- <br />City Clerk