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2 HINOTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITP COUNCIL HELD AT CITP HALL <br />AUGUST 7, 1989 <br />ROLLCALL Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith and Mayor <br />Richards. <br />CONSTITUTION WEEK PROCLAIMED <br />for adoption of the following proclamation: <br />WEEREAS, our Founding Fathers, in order to secure the blessings of liberty for <br />themselves and their posterity, did ordab and establish a Constitution for the <br />United States of America; and <br />WEEREAS, it is of the greatest import that all citizens fully understand the <br />provisions and principles contained in the Constitution in order to support it, <br />preserve it and defend it against encroachment; and <br />WHEREAS, the two hundred second anniversary of the signing of the Constitution <br />provides an historic opportunity for all Americans to learn about and recall <br />achievements of our Founders, and to reflect on the rights and privileges of <br />citizenship, as well as its attendant responsibilities; and <br />FJHEBEBS, the independence guaranteed to the American people by the Constitution <br />should be celebrated by appropriate ceremonies and activities during Constitution <br />Week, September 17 through 23, as designated by proclamation of the President of <br />the Wted States of America in accordance with Public Law 915; <br />NOU, THEREFORE, I, Frederick S. Richards, Mayor of the City of Edina, do hereby <br />proclaim the week of September 17 through 23 as <br />in the City of Edina, and urge all our citizens to pay special attention during <br />that week to our Federal Constitution and the advantage of American citizenship. <br />ADOPTED this 7th day of August, 1989. <br />Motion of Member Paulus was seconded by Member Smith <br />PROCLAMATION - CONSTITUTION WEEK <br />CONSTITUTION WEEK <br />Receiving the proclamation on behalf of the Sanford Chapter, Daughters of the <br />American Revolution was Florence Norback. <br />CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ADOPTED <br />Member Rice to approve and adopt the consent agenda items as presented. <br />Motion was made by Member Smith and was seconded by <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith, Richards <br />Motion carried. <br />*HINOTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF JUNE 19. 1989 APPROVED Motion was made by <br />Member Smith and was seconded by Member Rice to approve the Council Minutes of the <br />Regular Meeting of June 19, 1989. <br />Motion carried on rollcall vote, five ayes. <br />FmINGS. DECISION AND REASONS - IQT 9, WHITE OAKS 2ND ADDITION CONTINUED TO <br />9/5/89 Motion of Member Kelly was seconded by Member Smith to continue to <br />September 5, 1989 the Findings, Decision and Reasons - Lot 9, Uhite Oaks 2nd <br />Addition as requested by the proponent. <br />Ayes: Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith, Richards <br />Motion carried. <br />*VACATION OF DRAINAGE AND UTILITP EASEMENT GRBNTED FOR LOT 6. BLK 1. INDIAN H1IJ.S <br />VEST (6728 APACHE RD) Affidavits of Notice were presented, approved and ordered <br />placed on file. Pursuant to due notice given, a public hearing was conducted on <br />the request for vacation of a portion of the drainage and utility easement on <br />Lot 6, Block 1, Indian Hills West (6728 Apache Rd). No public comment or <br />objection was heard. <br />Motion vas made by Member Smith and was seconded by Member Rice for adoption of <br />the following resolution: