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8 MNUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MBTING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HAJJ, <br />AUGUST 8, 1989 <br />5:OO P.H. <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith and Mayor Richards. <br />Pursuant to due notice given, the Council met in the Manager's Conference Room of <br />City Hall to begin review and consideration of the proposed 1990 Budget for the <br />City of Edina. <br />1990 BUDGET PRESENTED Manager Rosland presented the proposed 1990 Budget for the <br />City of Edina stating that it is based upon the programs and projections outlined <br />in the budget assumptions presented to the Council on June 19, 1989. <br />1990 Budget responds to the direction received from the Council at that time and <br />represents a 5.0% increase over 1989. <br />increased by 3% and an overall increase of 5.0% in revenue from licenses/permits <br />and fees/charges is recommended. <br />The proposed <br />Depending upon anticipated legislative <br />- action, the City should be within its levy limit. Salaries are proposed to be <br />Presentations were made by Larry Oppold, Executive Director, South Hennepin Human <br />Services Council (SHHSC) and Otto Byrne, Chairman of the Human Relations <br />Commission, on funding requests summarized as follows: <br />SHHSC - Budget request for 1990 is $21,385 which is based on $.47 per capita for <br />the City of Edina. Reasons for the increase of $7,735 over 1989 were: 1) SHHSC <br />has the possibility of moving into the old Northgate School, located near 1-494 <br />and Portland Avenue, which is being developed by Robert E. Miller (REM) as a human <br />services center. <br />will no longer be willing to provide the entire cash funding required for building <br />space. <br />contribution. The four cities are being asked for a portion of the rent dollars <br />for office space. 2) SHHSC is requesting the addition of one half-time planner in <br />1990 to aide in the implementation of the long range plan and development of the <br />human services center. <br />one third-time clerical staff person to assist the increased planning staff, and <br />4) 4% increase over 1989 funding is being requested for inflation and salary <br />increases. <br />budget from each of the four cities to adequately fund the position of a senior <br />planner for the rest of 1989. Considerable discussion followed relating to the <br />relocation of SHHSC and other human senrice agencies to the proposed human <br />services center. <br />bringing the agencies together for the sake of providers and recipients and <br />recommended funding the initial expenses. <br />Human Relations Commission Budnet - Funding requests for the 1990 Budget were <br />presented as follows: Storefrontflouth Action $38,500, Senior Community Services <br />$5,000, Cornerstone Advocacy Service $2,700, Share-A-Home $2,000, United Battered <br />Families Network $2,000, VEAP $1,800, West Suburban Mediation Center $800 for a <br />total of $52,800. A request of $4,500 for the Chemical Health Program was also <br />presented which would provide for a chemical health program coordinator. <br />Mr. Byrne responded to questions and discussion on the proposed Human Relations <br />Commission budget request and the Chemical Health Program. <br />If SHHSC does move to the human services center, Bloomington <br />Bloomington has provided office space in Creekside Center as an in-kind <br />3) SHHSC is requesting funding to support the addition of <br />The SHHSC Board is also requesting a $2,000 supplement to its 1989 <br />Mr. Byrne commented that the Human Relations Commission supports <br />PROPOSED 1990 BUDGET REVIEWED - The Council then reviewed the proposed 1990 Budget <br />for the various departments of the City, with discussion on the following areas: <br />Election - Mayor Richards asked if there is some cost savings wi'th the new voting <br />system. <br />property which eliminated the cost for rental of storage space for the previous <br />voting machines. <br />I Clerk Daehn responded that the voting equipment is now stored on City <br />Some increase in costs for general supplies and printing is <br />>