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. <br />11 MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL BUDGET lIEETING <br />OF THE EDIHb. CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALT.. <br />AUGUST 10, 1989 <br />5:OO P.H. <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith and Mayor Richards. <br />HEARING CONTIIKJED ON 1990 BUDGET <br />that had been raised by the Council at the budget meeting on August 8, 1989 as <br />follows . <br />Manager Rosland responded to specific questions <br />GoDher One State - Gopher One State is a state mandated program which serves as a <br />central agency to locate buried utilities. <br />who digs deeper than one foot must call Gopher One State to tell them of the <br />location. Gopher One State then calls all agencies (utilities companies, <br />governmental units, etc.) who have anything underground in that location. <br />the City receives a call from Gopher One State we go out and mark where any City <br />utilities are buried. <br />State. <br />call. <br />addition, there is a flat fee of $50.00 for computer printouts that are received <br />continuously. In the month of July we received 385 calls from Gopher One State. <br />Member Kelly asked if the City could recover this cost through building permit <br />fees. Manager Rosland said that probably could be done, however, the purpose of <br />the program is to make sure that proposed digs are reported. <br />911 Response Time - Police are first response to 911 medical calls with a response <br />time average of between 3.9 and 4.9 minutes. <br />time with a response time average of 6.9 minutes as compared to 5.9 minutes prior <br />to this year. <br />start time recorded was when the unit was dispatched. <br />time when the 911 call comes in to the dispatch center. Hennepin County response <br />times to neighboring communities taken at time of dispatch are: Eden Prairie 7.5, <br />Hopkins 6.5, Minnetonka 7.8, St. Louis Park 7.3. <br />within the standards of the County. <br />Anyone who digs mechanically or anyone <br />When <br />The City is charged $2.50 for each call from Gopher One <br />In <br />If we have no utilities in the reported location we receive credit for the <br />The City's monthly billing from Gopher One State averages $600/650. <br />Paramedics are called at the same <br />The difference is due to a change in recording - previously the <br />We now record the start <br />Manager Rosland said we are well <br />Assessing DeDartment 7.9% Increase - Manager Rosland commented that the increase <br />in the budget for the Assessing Department is composed of 46.8% comparable worth, <br />25.3% payroll, 19.3% central services and 8.6% other. <br />employees in the department received comparable worth adjustments. <br />Central Services - Manager Rosland explained that the central services account <br />includes expenses such as pensions, hospital and life insurance, personnel <br />training, copier rental, phone, worker's compensation, postage and general <br />supplies. <br />of employees, usage, etc. <br />Public Health Services - David Velde, Health Department, has been instructed to <br />set up a meeting with the administrator of Fairview-Southdale Hospital to start <br />working on the possibility of the hospital providing some of the public health <br />services to the community. <br />Three out of the five <br />These are then allocated to operating departments according to number <br />Fees and Charges - - Manager Rosland said staff is recommending an overall increase <br />of 5.0% in licenses/permits and fees/charges for a proposed total of $2,598,800 <br />which ties directly into the 1990 Budget. Proposed increases for specific fees <br />and charges will be presented, with formal approval by ordinance/resolution when <br />the 1990 Budget is adopted. <br />comparison of Edina's fees and charges with those of other cities. <br />Mayor Richards then asked the Council Members to individually present their <br />viewpoints on the proposed 1989 Budget, and indicate support or non-support for <br />various programs and line items. <br />Member Paulus commented she would like to see a <br />Following that review the Council then discussed