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HINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR WEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HAU <br />SEP'I'EIBEB 5, 1989 <br />ROLLCAKL Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith and Mayor <br />Richards. <br />YMCA YOUTJI FITNESS WEEK BRocCIABWB Emion of Member Paulus was seconded by Member <br />Kelly for adoption of ehe'follovlzng proclamation: <br />WHEREAS, The Metropolitan Minneapolis YMCA (Southdale Branch) recognizes the need <br />for youth to develop a healthy life style and positive esteem: and <br />QHEREAS, There is a need for promoting youth fitness in a challenging yet <br />non-competitive environment; and <br />QHEREAS, The YMCA has identified a need for a special place that is safe and fun <br />for children and thefr parents to enhance their fitness level; and <br />WEEREAS, On September 9, 1989 the Minneapolis YMCA will open its Kid's Gym at the <br />Southdale, Northwest, and Ridgedale branches to meet these needs; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, I, Frederick S. Richards, Mayor of the City of Edina, do hereby <br />proclaim the second week of September, 1989 to be <br />in the City of Edina. <br />PROCLAIMED this 5th day of September, 1989. <br />PROCUMATION - YMCA YOUTJI FITNESS WEEK <br />YMCA YOUTH FITNESS WEEK <br />Receiving the proclamation on behalf of the YMCA Southdale Branch was Marji <br />Miller, Membership/Marketing Director, who extended an invitation to attend their <br />open house on Saturday, September 9 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. <br />CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ADOPTED <br />Member Kelly to approve and adopt the consent agenda items as presented. <br />Motion was made by Member Smith and was seconded by <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith, Richards <br />Motion carried. <br />*MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETINGS OF .JULY 24 AND AUGUST 7. 1989 APPROVED Motion <br />was made by Member Smith and was seconded by Member Kelly to approve the Council <br />Minutes of the Regular Meetings of July 14 and August 7, 1989. <br />Motion carried on rollcall vote, .five ayes. <br />DECISION OF BOARD OF APPEALS AFFIRMED: FENCE HEIGHT VARIANCE DENIED FOR 4114 <br />MORNINGSIDE ROAD Planner Phil Dommer presented the appeal of John Kalachnik, 4114 <br />Morningside Road, for a fence height variance. <br />property is a corner lot at the intersection of Morningside Road and Grimes <br />Avenue. <br />adjacent to the sidewalk. <br />to four feet. <br />He stated that the subject <br />The homeowner has constructed a six foot fence in the front yard area <br />The height of fences permitted in this area is limited <br />Planner Dommer explained that the subject property is situated such that there is <br />very limited area on the lot which can be considered as private outdoor space. <br />The fence is intended to provide privacy and security for the family. The lots to <br />the north face Grimes Avenue and the area fenced in is adjacent to the front yards <br />of these homes. <br />preserve the streetscape of the homes to the north. <br />On August 17, 1989 the Board of Appeals reviewed the situation after reviewing <br />materials submitted and hearing testimony from the proponent, staff and the <br />neighbors. <br />variance. <br />Member Paulus noted that the fence has been partially completed and asked how the <br />project got this far without the question of height being raised. Planner Dommer <br />The ordinance limiting fence height to four feet is designed to <br />The Board unanimously voted to deny the request'for the two foot fence <br />\ <br />3 '7