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79 MINUTES OF THE JOINT MEETING OF THE <br />EDINB HOUSING AND REDEV'ELOPHEIW AUTHORITP/CITY COlX?CIL <br />HELD AT ED= CITY HAIL <br />OCTOBER 16, 1989 <br />A joint meeting of the Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority and the City <br />Council was convened to consider concurrently: 1) Edinborough - Hawthorn Hotel <br />Development, 2) 50th and France Improvements, and 3) Acceptance of Outlot A - <br />Village Homes of Centennial Lakes. Action was taken by the HRA and Council as <br />recorded. <br />ROUCAKL Answering rollcall were Commissioners/Members Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith <br />and Richards. <br />K@lTES of the J3RA of October 2, 1989 were approved as submitted by motion of <br />Commissioner Smith, seconded by Commissioner Rice. <br />Ayes: Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith, Richards <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING HELD ON EDINBOROlJ~/HAUTHOW HOTEL DEVEU)I?MENT: AMENDMENT TO FINAL <br />AILOW HOTELS AS PRINCIPAL USE IN MDD DISTRICT): AMEND= TO REDEVELOPMENT <br />AGREEMENTIEDINBOROUGH APPROVED Affidavits of Notice were presented, approved and <br />ordered placed on file. <br />Suites Hotel to construct an extended stay hotel at Edinborough. <br />located in the southwest quadrant of the Edinborough development and is vacant <br />land approximately 3.5 acres in area. <br />eight story, 160,000 square foot office building. <br />DEVELOPMENT PLAN APPROVED: ZONING ORDINANCE AMENDMENT NO. 825-431 ADOPTED <TO <br />Planner Craig Larsen presented the proposal of Hawthorn <br />The site is <br />The approved development plan calls for an <br />The proposal calls for amending the final development plan to allow a seven story, <br />142 unit hotel. The plans now under consideration are the same as those presented <br />in May, 1989 when the matter was continued indefinitely. <br />required would be amendment of the Zoning Ordinance to permit suites hotels in the <br />Mixed Development .District. <br />and 8 handicapped units. Units range from 408 to approximately 500 square feet. <br />The building is approximately 65 feet in height and has a gross area of 90,000 <br />square feet. This compares to the office building previously approved for the <br />site of 160,000 square feet and 104 feet in height. <br />parking spaces; 157 spaces would be required for a hotel. <br />of-those sp-aces would be reserved for park users. <br />36-foot setback from the westerly property. <br />50~foot setback minimum; therefore a 14 foot setback variance is requested. <br />is an improvement over the approved plan that showed the taller office building <br />with a setback of 27 feet from the westerly property line. <br />the site includes signage on the westerly and southerly walls, with free standing <br />signs at the southerly entry at Minnesota Drive and the main entrance at Minnesota <br />Drive and Edinborough Way. <br />that the signage package does comply with the requirements suggested in the <br />amendment to the sign ordinance which will deal with both Edinborough and <br />Centennial Lakes. <br />HRA Executive Director Gordon Hughes stated that the hotel proposal is part of the <br />Edinborough project and as such an amendment to the redevelopment contract for <br />Edinborough is required. <br />unchanged at $1,127,903. <br />dedication fees and special assessments, and also provides at completion of the <br />hotel a $50,000 contribution to the City. <br />easement over 86 parking spaces in the hotel lot. <br />for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of all parking spaces. <br />Additional action <br />The proposed hotel would contain 136 two-room suites I <br />The site plan illustrates 186 <br />It is proposed that 86 <br />The Mixed Development District has a <br />This <br />The plan also illustrates a <br />Proposed signage for <br />Planner Larsen concluded the presentation by noting <br />The proposed purchase price of the property remains <br />This price includes reimbursements to the HRA, park <br />The City would receive a non-exclusive <br />The hotel would be responsible <br />As'to the parking ramp, staff would propose that the HRA withdraw the requirement <br />that the HRA be given a reservation to construct a future parking ramp on the