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166 <br />OF THE REGULAR <br />mINA CITP COUNCIL <br />DECEMBEX <br />ROLLCALL Answering rollcall were Members <br />Richards. <br />IBETING OF THE <br />HELU AT CITP HALL <br />18. 1989 - <br />Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith and Mayor <br />CONSENT AGENDB ITEXS ADOPTED <br />Member.Smith to approve and adopt the consent agenda items as presented. <br />Motion was made by Member Kelly and was seconded by <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, Paulus, Rice, Smith, Richards <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING CONCLUDED ON PROPERTY TAX INCREASE: 1990 CITY BUDGET ADOPTED <br />Richards stated that the public hearing on the proposed property tax increase and <br />the 1990 City Budget was continued from the Council meeting of December 4, 1989. <br />Mayor <br />He explained- that-the budget process was begun in July when the Council considered <br />certain budget assumptions. <br />proposed 1990 Budget which reflected those factors. Several meetings were held in <br />August, with input from staff and advisory boards, at which the Council considered <br />various programs which had been proposed. <br />October 2 and December 4 at which several citizens had commented. The Council now <br />must consider formal adoption of the 1990 Budget. <br />Staff was then directed to prepare and bring back a <br />Public hearings were then held on <br />Mayor Richards said the Council has no control over what the legislature does, <br />what intergovernmental transfers do other than as it impacts upon the budget. <br />in years past the Council will look at adopting a budget based upon the cost of <br />delivery of services to the citizens of Edina. That budget is approximately <br />$13,000,000 reflecting an increase of 4.7% over last year's budget of which 85% <br />comes from real estate taxes. <br />the City and intergovernmental transfers. <br />objections to the proposed property tax increase had been received from Steve <br />Abrams, 7653 Woodview Court, and Ray and Jane Martin, 5909 Halifax Avenue. He <br />then called for public comment from the audience. <br />The following citizens spoke to the issue of the proposed property tax increase, <br />with comments summarized as follows: <br />As <br />I Other revenue sources are fees which are charged by <br />Mayor Richards mentioned that written <br />Ed Norbut, 7312 Schey Drive, said he had contacted approximately 55 fiomes about <br />the notice of the proposed property tax increase. The response was a universal <br />tone of desperation that taxes are becoming confiscatory. <br />Council should be responsive to the public's needs and that somewhere this process <br />has to stop. There is a latent and universal anger about what is happening to our <br />whole taxing system. <br />the City's needs from a better utilization of public tax dollars so that there <br />will be no increase. <br />His plea was that the <br />He said he would like to hear the Council say they made up <br />George Johnson, 4560 Casco Lane, suggested that the total budget be reduced to 97% <br />of last year and that each department be told to reduce their spending by the same <br />percentage. <br />Dr. George Fischer, 7000 Tupa Drive, said that his property taxes went up 18% last <br />year and 15% the year before that. <br />at least a $500 increase this year. <br />are nearly 10% of his income and that he is considering moving out of Edina. <br />suggested that Fdina should take the lead in a suburban tax revolt. <br />Glen Eaton, 4328 France Avenue, said he was opposed to the 11.7% property tax <br />increase and that he understood that in 1991 the homestead credit will be gone. <br />He added that the citizens should be notified at the start of the budget process <br />rather than when the formal vote is to be taken. <br />The assessor's office has said there would be <br />He commented that the property taxes he pays <br />He