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Email or Phone <br />VS2- <br />t, ( <br />o <br />RECEIVED AN 0 7 2019 <br />RESTORATION OF HIGHLAND PARK PROPERTY <br />We, the undersigned residents and/or nearby residents of the Highland Park neighborhood of <br />Edina, do hereby respectfully request that the City of Edina allocate the necessary resources to <br />permanently rectify the flooding of the wild portion of Highland Park. <br />Said flooding has made large portions of the park, including the walking paths, unusable for <br />residents and has caused serious damage to nearby residential properties. <br />We believe the City of Edina has a fiduciary duty to maintain this municipal asset in a manner <br />that will restore and maintain the usefulness of all portions of Highland Park. <br />Address <br />E.2-(0 y iDet- <br />Name <br />3 Scortuk- ssico 5213 16fuccal-rAc <br />4. NO 'pi) Aqi."; 2 iivco c 261 Toioc A -7 a c. <br />5. Vri S Fin LA) <br />6. i,e4 e_ e `we <br />8. W11,4ini <br />9. <br />10. <br />6 4L--, <br />15 CtArVeA, -F61(C>tat <br />7-1 <br />52.tiq Loch/0y ph <br />500 Is (reeex./Filyte.s-G1— <br />cC7Yi 6 k'pt? wry Pi <br /> <br />9'12_ <br />64247044767 <br />-2 3~ SSS <br />9-5Z - Z3q-ag gi <br /> <br />6147- c-S- <br />S-23 2- Loc, r <br />C(;1 (k4-,evf,c,40, C' w, <br />SC 490 tAkOk,--e- (tit, <br />5-&(