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Use of City of Edina Parking Facilities at 50th & France <br />The City of Edina and the Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority provide more than 1,000 public parking <br />stalls in Edina's 506 & France Commercial District. The public parking is intended to serve employees, customers <br />and clients. <br />To maximize the efficient use of the parking facilities, the City establishes time limitations and other regulations. <br />The City implements an employee parking permit system to strike a balance that meets employees needs and <br />provides convenience for customers during business hours. The parking policy is updated based on input from <br />the 50th & France Business Association, property owners and businesses. <br />A copy of Section 24-397 regulating parking permits is attached. Updates are posted online at: <br /> ordinances. Highlights of Section 24-397 include: <br />I) All employees who chose to park in the City facilities must display a valid permit <br />2) Several types of permits are available to meet the needs of employees <br />3) Citations will be issued to vehicles parked in violation. <br />Acknowledgement of Regulations <br />As a business located at 50th & France, I confirm that we have received a copy of the City regulations regarding <br />employee parking at 50th & France. We are aware that all employees who chose to park in the City facilities are <br />required to display a valid permit. We are aware that vehicles parked illegally are subject to citations. <br />As an authorized representative of this business, I confirm that we will advise our employees of these parking <br />regulations and will make best efforts to attain full compliance by our employees and contractors. <br />I understand that violations of City Code may result in citations or other enforcement measures (including <br />revocation of parking permits or vehicle towing). I understand that permits may not be issued to our staff until <br />this acknowledgement is received by the City. <br />/444 `16" <br />6 .?±L 5,/.7 <br /> <br />3q`7 , Edina, MN 55424 <br />11/0/44p50-Y1 Title 60-7//eral /en-04e-61(7---Y- <br />Date ///2.5// <br />Return to: Edina City Hall 4801 W. 50th St. Edina MN 55424 Attn: Administration Dept. <br />November 14, 2019 <br />Company Name <br />Company Address <br />Printed Name I <br />Signature