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Draft Minutes☐ <br />Approved Minutes☒ <br />Approved Date: July 18, 2019 <br /> <br />Minutes <br />City Of Edina, Minnesota <br />Transportation Commission <br />Community Conference Room <br />June 21, 2019 <br /> <br />I. Call To Order <br />Chair Richman called the meeting to order <br /> <br />II. Roll Call <br />Answering roll call were Commissioners Ahler, Johnson, Kane, McCarthy, Plumb-Smith, Richman, Ruthruff, <br />Scherer <br />Absent: Commissioner Ayelomi, Olson, Zimbwa <br /> <br />III. Approval Of Meeting Agenda <br />Motion was made by Commissioner Johnson and seconded by Commissioner Ahler to approve <br />the agenda. All voted aye. Motion carried. <br /> <br />IV. Approval Of Meeting Minutes <br />Motion was made by Commissioner Ahler and seconded by Commissioner McCarthy <br />approving the amended May 16, 2019 meeting minutes. All voted aye. Motion carried. <br /> <br />V. Special Recognitions and Presentation <br /> <br />A. Traffic Impact Study and Educational Seminar <br />Mike Spack and Bryant Ficek of Spack Consulting presented on Traffic Impact Studies and the ETC <br />provided the following feedback <br />• Update the coloring from grey and white to something that will be easier to read on the <br />screen. <br />• Update the font in the boxes to be larger. <br />• Make the topic box being focused on larger. <br />• When recording for the public, switch back and forth from computer screen and presenter <br />or possibly do a split screen. <br />• Explain the baseline for studies and what makes you better. <br />• Add data from the City of Edina to show real life studies and how that data is used. <br />• Remove the 6 lane example since there are none in Edina. <br />• Provide visual on Edina’s process to hire Spack and how it is a pure process. Not working <br />for the developer. <br />• Provide what a final report looks like. <br />• Glossary of how the cities, ordinances, policies, plans, etc. are used and what are best <br />practices. <br />• Incorporate ways you “fit” recommendations in the right of way. <br />• Include how long it takes to complete a traffic study.