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AGENDA <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />HUMAN RIGHTS & RELATIONS COMMISSION (HRRC) <br />WORK SESSION <br />FEBRUARY 15, 2011, <br />5:00 P.M. — COMMUNITY ROOM <br />ROLLCALL <br />I. HRRC INTRODUCTION — Chair Bigbee <br />A. Acknowledgment of Commission Members <br />B. Vision, Voice, Visibility — PowerPoint Outline <br />II. HRRC ACCOMPLISHMENTS <br />A. Domestic Partner Ordinance — Commissioner Kingston <br />B. Anti- Bullying Event — Commissioner Newell <br />C. Resolution for MN Legislature Regarding Health Coverage — Commissioner Kingston <br />III. HRRC FUTURE INITIATIVE <br />A. Census Update /Demographics Report <br />IV. CITY COUNCIL & HRRC. DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />A. Student Member Selection /Role <br />B. Proposed Disability Amendment to Edina Code <br />C. Responsibility for Proposing Human Services Budget <br />D. Responsibility for Proposing Edina Resource Center Budget <br />E. Contractor Requirements Concerning Domestic Partner Benefits <br />F. Definition of "Dependent" from Resolution No. 2011 -21 <br />G. City Personnel Policy Update Regarding Domestic Partner Benefits <br />V. ADJOURNMENT <br />