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CITY OF EDINA, MINNESOTA <br />CITY COUNCIL MEETING AGENDA <br />CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />MAY 3, 2011 <br />7:00 P.M. <br />I. CALL TO ORDER <br />II. ROLL CALL <br />III. APPROVAL OF MEETING AGENDA <br />IV. ADOPTION OF CONSENT AGENDA <br />All agenda items listed on'the consent agenda are I considered routine and will be enacted by <br />one motion. There will be no separate discussion of such items unless requested to be <br />removed from the Consent Agenda by a .Member of the City Council. In such cases the item <br />will` .be removed from the Consent Agenda' and considered immediately following the <br />adoption of the Consent Agenda. (Favorable rollcall vote of majority of Council Members <br />present to approve.) <br />A. Approval Of Minutes - Regular Meeting of April 19, 2011 and Work Session of April 19, 2010 <br />B. Confirmation Of Payment Of Claims As per, Pre -List dated April 21, 2011, TOTAL $605,104.27; <br />and per Pre -List dated April 28, 2011, TOTAL $832,431.14 <br />C. Resolution No. 2011 -50 Approving West 44th Street Joint Powers Agreement With the City of <br />St. Louis Park <br />D. Ordinance No. 2011 -05 Amending Section 115 Meeting Night <br />E. Resolution No. 2011 -55 Accepting Easement Londonderry Drive <br />F. Resolution No. 2011 -56, York Avenue Bridge Agreement with, Hennepin County <br />G. Resolution No. 2011 -57, Lot Division, of 6800 & 6804 Indian Hills Road „ <br />H. Award of Bid Contract ENG 11 -8 — Oscar Roberts Neighborhood Reconstruction <br />I. • Award of Bid Contract ENG 11 -9 - Killarney' Shores & McCauley, Heights Neighborhood <br />Reconstruction <br />—V. SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS AND PRESENTATIONS <br />A. Resolution No. 2011 -51 Congratulating Green Team — Highlands Elementary School <br />B. Edina Robotics Team Presentation <br />C. Proclamation Declaring National Public Works Week <br />D. Proclamation Declaring Minnesota Environmental Public Health Week <br />E. Proclamation Declaring May Heritage Preservation Month <br />F. Coyote Response Plan <br />