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JAMES VAN VALKENBURG <br />4204 Philbrook Lane <br />Edina, Minnesota 55424 <br />(952) 922 -2982 <br />12/4/2011 <br />Mayor Jim Hovland and <br />Other members of the Edina City Council: <br />Re: Quality of Life <br />What would Edina be if it had? <br />No Art Center <br />No hockey teams <br />No parks and fields <br />No fire department <br />No police department and <br />No City Council <br />None of these (and others) makes a profit or even breaks even. <br />We don't want people to drink more, but we rely on liquor stores profits. <br />Government is supported by taxes and revenue through such things as admission fees and user fees and <br />such. These must be available for all and not just revenue profits. <br />If your real concern is the, present operation of these entities, we once had 'a committee of citizens who <br />analyzed, Edina (at no cost). They had some good ideas.-.,... <br />Please don't'destroy.the quality of life we have in Edina. Get a citizen group and see what they <br />determine. <br />Bob Kojetin <br />Kay Bach <br />Jim VanValkenburg <br />