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F;Gx.3 rIt"LL <br />(Revised) <br />AGENDA <br />EDINA CaiY C0Ur6C1L i9Y. Y-11T, <br />JULY .:., 1974 <br />1II1MES spa June 3, 1974, approved as presented or corrected by motion of , <br />seconded by , <br />I o . WESTEKN EDINA TR.A . C TASK FORCE gL?fl2tT ISSUE AREAS 2 �LND 4 (Continued from <br />June 3, 1974) <br />II. PUBLIC HKARINGS GPI PROnSED ROV_", EY'S Presentation by Naunageb and Engineer. <br />Spectators baa;-s3; If Council wishes do proceed, action oy <br />imi£33iements fS raVasabl? -YY3i a73 vote 50- A. Storm Sewer Improvement P -SToS -139 (Continued from 613/74) Gleason Road <br />Ea Parking lot Grading Improvement P -P -2 (Contlunt---d from 6/17174) Grandview <br />Liquor Store <br />Ill. PUBLIC HEARING ON PRELLMINARY PLAT APPROVAL Presentation by Planning Departm`ant <br />Spectators heard. If Council wishes to proceed, action by Resolution, 315 <br />favorable vollca 1 vote to pass. <br />A. 2eplat of Evanswood 2nd Addition (Continued from June 3, 1974) <br />IV. X4ARD OF BIDS Tabulations and Recommendations by Manager. Action of Council by <br />by motion. <br />As Parking Lot Grading P -P -2 (Continued from 6117/74) <br />Be Storm Sewer ST.S -139 (Continued from 6/17;74 <br />C. Public improvements - June 28, 1974, Bide <br />V. COUKT;3ICATIONS <br />A. Oeorge H. Could - Oertel 1st Addition Preliminary ?lzt <br />Do Mr. and Mrs. Scott Garoutte Housing lnspecrion3 <br />Co Gleason Road Boulevard Trees <br />D. Control Data - Storm Water sr.ainage <br />E� John R. Lucas - Cat Central <br />aV10 RECOA. - ND_AT?OTS AND RIEPOR2S <br />A. ?lanning Commission <br />1, Sat Hearing Bates <br />ao Hots 19, 21 and Part of Lot 20, Auditor °z %:>division 196 - yrlke <br />Victorsen - R -1 Residential District to xRIi-3 Planned Residential <br />District - Z -74 -4. (6126/74) <br />b; Vacation of Park of Zenith Ave. - Inc' aratio 1 of Buildable zz <br />2. Final Plat Approval - Blake Ridge Qdditlon <br />� iai:view- Sosei�daA. vital Donds t:ort4nued from 0;1_7174) <br />Sale of Oscar Roberts Property (Continued from 6/3/74) <br />D J State League 'te brship SzaZu$ __om 55.1,11 1 <br />Voting jllfPp Lc� <br />7, R%-rabl 11�11 Suit <br />C.. ?a,33ibility Report Sat Hearing Date <br />2�ppoi..tment of i%:nn� -Ar" :enter <br />-�.o =age Activities <br />jA Retirement of Mrs. Ruth Be Hem, son <br />