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VIII -N <br />Augus 5, 1974 <br />TO: Warren C. Hyde, City Manager <br />FROYI: Robert C. Dunn, Director of Public Works & City Engineer <br />SUBJECT: Improvement Feasibility Report (1974 -7) <br />The fallowing improvement has been investigated and it:'has been <br />determined that it is feasible and its construction would be in <br />the best interests and toward the orderly development of the'City <br />of Bd-Lna o <br />IMPROVEMENT AND LOCATION ESTIMATED IMATED COST <br />ORNRI%ENTAL STREET LIGHTING <br />70th Street from Highway 100 $25,073.66 <br />4..o France Avenue <br />I hereby recommend that upon acceptance of this report by the City <br />Council on August 5, 1974, that a Public Hearing cii improvement <br />be s Cheduled for August 19, 1974. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />Robert: C. Dunn, P.E. <br />Director of Public Works <br />and City Engineer <br />RCDod <br />cc: Y;fi.ayor and Council <br />