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(Official Public, ,ion" <br />CITY OF MINA <br />iHtd�M99PIN COTNTY, IETNNESOTA <br />FOTI'CE OF ASSESSIMNI FOR <br />Sanitary Sever #297 <br />IdatermaiLn 0268 <br />THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL will meet- on Monday, August 19, ISM, at 7:00 P.M. to <br />hear and pass upon all objections= if any, to the following proposed assess- <br />ments„ These assessments are now on file in the Edina lit:y ;� f ,ces, ASol Test <br />Fiftieth Street and open to public inspection.. Assessments rill be payable' i.Tt <br />three equal installments over a period of three (3) ri.rst pa,ment o£ each <br />assessment will be payable with the taxes for the ye'ax 19747 collectible 'n <br />3975, with interest on the entire assessment; at the rate of 5% per annum from <br />the date of the resolution levying the assessment to December 31, 19750 To <br />each subsequent: installment: will be added interest- at the same rate for one <br />year on all unpaid installments. The owner of the pl.operty assessed for the <br />folla-aing improvements may pay the wha'.e of the assessment without interest to <br />the City Treasurer on or before November 15, 1974, or make payinent: with accrued <br />interest to the County Treasurer, <br />I. CONSTRUCTION OF SAF.T ARY SEWER VIO, 297 <br />Gleason Road from Dewey Dili Road to 150W'south <br />20 CONSTRUCTION OF WATEMMIN NO, 268 <br />Gleason Road from Dewey Hill Road to 1500' south <br />EY ORDER OF THE CITY COUNICIL <br />Florence DeFlaliberg <br />City:. Clerk <br />Please publish in Edina Sun on August 1, 1974 <br />Please.send us 13 affidavits of publication <br />Please.send us 13 clippings <br />