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AGENDA <br />I' DIVA CITY COUNCIL MEE T = <br />CCTOBER 21, 1974 <br />YETNUTES of October 7, 1974, approved ac submitted or corLected by notion of <br />seconded by __.. o <br />PrE_SEHTL!QQN OF Es9INA BICENTENNIAL FUG <br />YOUTH APPRECIATION WEEK PROMAMMON <br />1. PUBLIC _ ITEINRINGS ON PROPOSED 11 PROVE -MITS Affi.devits of Notice by Clerk. e <br />Prscntation by Manager and Enginee - Spectators heard.. If Council wishes <br />to proceed, action by Resolution Ordcring 7mp;.ovemnto 4/5 favorable roll- <br />call vote to pass <br />A� Senita zy Sm7er arspratrcm nt No. SS -320 - VJ, 75th St. - York Terrace <br />B, Sanitary Se,•:er linpro.vernent 12.. SS-319 - Yo3:lt Avenue - Parkleem Avenue <br />Co Sanitary Sewer 'Yrcprovemcn-„ No. SS -318 - Ho 76th Street - France Avenue <br />Do Lift Station Improvemant, No, P-LS-9 -- France Avenue at V. 76th* Street <br />L' „ !?Iate rcain 1nprot *e=- nt No. ? -MI -290 -- York Avenue <br />F. Storm Sewer IaTirovenent loo P- STI.S -142 - Yozk Avenue at V. 76th Street <br />Go Storm Se -:rer Improvement No. P -ST.S -143 - 4620/1622 Bruce Avenue <br />H. Street Inprov ment 17oo P -BA -201 - R.ynn Avenue <br />11. PUB1 1C B:,ARY.FG- M_ZCA",INZ HATTERS Presentation by Planner. Spectators heard. <br />L45 favorable rollcall vote to pass Second TReadin;o <br />A� Second Reeding <br />1. Ordinance No. 811 -A57 - The Windings - Partnership investments, Inc o , <br />R -1 Resi.clentia? Dist:ri.ct to Fl nxied Residential. District (MM-3) <br />(Continued from 10/7/74) <br />Ordinance No. 811-A-58 - Board of kope.als and Adjustments Ordinance <br />Ame ndmant <br />ill. PUBLIC IMRII��_.UrT s.ENTOi'AM E XCAVATIM DISTUCT Presentation by Planner. <br />Action of." Council by ordinance, 4/5 favorable rallcall vote to pass Second <br />Reading. <br />A. Ordinance Na. 822 -A2 - Da cell spa Farr (Between Fabri -Tek and Edina West <br />ApurLents) <br />r, Approval of I4i_riiug P?ebwi't <br />IV„ M.1M OF BIDS <br />A. Radio Equipment (Continued from 10/7/74.1 <br />A. Split-liquor Election Pet ty ons <br />V & 1.1 CO_HIT"zdiJf�.'UrKs AUD REPt}I3TS <br />T- 3."ian_nirgCom-n—i ss en <br />Fina Plat Approval <br />a. M trpYo�)r Lag es Plat 03 <br />bO Tha Windi -'s <br />2. <br />Set. Hearing Dates <br />a. Subdivisions <br />(1) McCauley Heights 5th Addition S-74 -9 <br />(2) Christine Manor S- 74-1.2. <br />b� Zoning O dinance A=ndment - Non - Conforming Uses and Bairldings <br />30 Ret:eil Sales in Industrial Zones <br />4. Awards � or Outstanding Det►r1Qp ants <br />5, Counci z /EiALA[nd Planning Commission Meting - November 13, 1974 <br />Set ". as - et bates <br />D. .Tci- ,2 -i5.; 1�Lc. �.i:.17 <br />1. Council /Planning Ca•�ssi.on <br />2 Counci_i /Park. Board <br />3. Council /Human Relations <br />C3 Tz.:ffi.c St: 4i:y Cor_'mittee Minutes of Octobns 15, 1974 <br />3 Storm Sewer S7_0 1.41 Liability <br />r. Lai-,suit Against 0 ,!ner c -= Mbrk Tezrace. Dri-ve P?opegty <br />