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Public Works Phone 935 -3381 320 Washington Av. South, Hopkins, Minnesota 55343 <br />H @NN2PIN COUNTY <br />Mr. Robert Dunn, Engineer <br />City of Edina <br />4801 West 50th Street <br />Edina, Minnesota 55435 <br />Dear Mr. Dunn: <br />19 September 1974 <br />Re: CSAH 18 and CSAH 3 Interchange <br />Hennepin County Project No. 6742 <br />Attached is one print copy of Layout No. 23, dated October 4, 1972. This <br />project is in the 1976 Construction Program. <br />We are requesting your review and approval of this layout and permission <br />to commence right of way acquisition by formal Council resolution. Attached <br />is a sample resolution to indicate the format we prefer. <br />If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us. <br />Very truly yours, <br />Herbert 0. Klossner, P.E. <br />County Engineer <br />By: <br />Don S. Spielmann, P. <br />Chief Design Engineer <br />DSS:AWH:jfe <br />Attachment <br />Minorities, Women and Other Protected Classes are Encouraged to apply <br />for Employment at Hennepin County <br />