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MEMORANDUM <br />30 October 1974 <br />TO: Florence Hallberg <br />FROM: Mayor Van Valkenburg <br />SUBJECT: AGENDA - Ordinance No. 107 (Recycling Commission) <br />At the next meeting, I want to put on the agenda the matter of <br />Ordinance No. 107 which is a Recycling Commission. What I want <br />to do is to add to it so that we have six members, and also <br />there is a question why we need to have somebody from the Plan- <br />ning Commission on the Recycling. I can see somebody from the , <br />- -- Environmental Quality Commission. Then, just to keep all these <br />together, I have been given the names of Nancy Grimsby, Richard <br />Schibur, who is a student, Ardyth Buerosse, Virginia Bodine and <br />apparently Bob Reid who wants to be on the Commission as well. <br />I don't know who the representative from the Environmental will <br />be, but we should ge that name from them, rather than us picking <br />a name. <br />James Van Valkenburg <br />MAYOR <br />JVV /hd <br />