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Plin aims <br />By PAUL PRESBREY <br />Minneapolis Star Staff Writer <br />A strong. ordinance to stop snow - <br />mobilers and motorcyclists who,-St.. <br />Paul officials say, are "tearing up" <br />some city parks is being drafted for <br />the St. Paul City Council. <br />Under provisions of the ordinance <br />prepared by the city attorney's of- <br />fice, any motor- driven vehicle, in- <br />ciudi snowmobiles an motoi <br />c es will be sub'ect i'tr , and <br />subse vent sa a at a public auction <br />i found in a pro ibite area. <br />St. Paul now has no park <br />where such vehicles are al- <br />lowed. <br />If approved, the St. Paul ordi- <br />nance would be among the first of <br />its type. Stan Peskar, attorney for <br />the League of Minnesota Municipali- <br />ties, today said that he knows of no <br />other ordinance giving cities the pow- <br />er to confiscate. and sell prohibited <br />y <br />at motorized vandals <br />vehicles in parks. <br />The ordinance, which the St. Paul <br />'City Council will, be asked to ap- <br />prove next week, was sought by <br />Thomas Kelley, director of the de- <br />partment of community services, to <br />combat damage to the city's park <br />system. <br />Kelley said that deep ruts worn in <br />the hillsides of some parks by mo- <br />torcycles have resulted in' erosion. <br />Snowmobiles last winter destroyed <br />newly planted trees and caused <br />grass kill, he added. <br />Kelley said he wants the ordi- <br />nance to have the same provisions <br />as a state law which allows the com- <br />missioner of , resources to <br />seize and sel vehicles, weapons or <br />other equipment used in the'viola- <br />tion of game and fish laws. <br />"I suspect if we seize a few of the <br />vehicles that we could eliminate <br />most of the tearing around and de- <br />struction caused by motor vehicles <br />In our parks, !particularly in places <br />., I. <br />1 Q J� /: i�• <br />like Hidden Falls and Crosby Lake," <br />Kelley said. <br />'Under the ordinance, Kelley can <br />post, restrictions limiting all or any <br />of the park areas to the "enjoyment <br />and use of pedestrians and bicycl- <br />ists." The penalty for violation <br />would be a fine of up to $300 or 90 <br />days in jail or both. <br />tWOIn addition, the arresting officer <br />�rJD) confiscate in the name of the <br />city any vehicles used in the viola- <br />tion and hold them subject�to order <br />of a municipal court judge. If the <br />city wishes to proceed with the con- <br />fiscation, it would start a civil ac- <br />tion detailing that the vehicle to be <br />sold was used in violation of the or- <br />dinance. MON-'v 0 4t' rkY /R':e <br />rActk ��%IrG Ma a v n-EoP <br />Ruby Hunt, presidgnt of the City <br />Council, said she would support the <br />snowmobile ordinance. "I think this <br />running around on our parks with <br />these machines is a form of adult <br />vandalism, and we just can't close <br />our eyes to it," she sad. <br />_1L <br />