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AGENDA <br />EDINA HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />NOVEMBER 6, 1995 <br />7:00 P.M. <br />ROLLCALL <br />ADOPTION OF CONSENT AGENDA - Adoption of the Consent Agenda is made by the Commissioners as <br />to HRA items and by the Council Members as to Council items. All agenda items marked with an asterisk <br />( *) and in bold print are Consent Agenda items and are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one <br />motion. There will be no separate discussion of such items unless a Commissioner or Council Member or <br />citizen so requests, in which case the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered in its <br />normal sequence of the Agenda. <br /># I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES of HRA Meeting of October 16, 1995. <br />II. PAYMENT OF HRA CLAIMS as pre -list dated November 2, 1995 $20,796.28. <br />III. ADJOURNMENT <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />PROCLAMATION - MINNESOTA CHEMICAL HEALTH WEEK, NOVEMBER 13 - 19 <br />* I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - Regular Meeting of October 16, 1995. <br />II. PUBLIC HEARING ON SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS. Affidavits of Notice by Clerk. Analysis of <br />Assessment by Engineer or Manager. Public comment heard. Action of Council by Resolution. 3/5 <br />favorable rollcall vote of all member of Council required to pass. <br />A. Street Improvement No. BA- 293/BA -299 - Valley View Road, continued from October 2, <br />1995. City Council. <br />III. PUBLIC HEARINGS AND REPORTS ON PLANNING MATTERS - Affidavits of Notice by Clerk. <br />Presentation by Planner. Public comment heard. Motion to close hearing . Zoning Ordinance: First <br />and Second Reading requires 4/5 favorable rollcall vote of all members of Council to pass. Waiver <br />of Second Reading: 4/5 favorable rollcall of all members of Council required to pass. Conditional <br />Use Permit: 3/5 favorable rollcall vote required to pass. <br />A. Preliminary Rezoning from R -1 to POD-1, Especially for Children, 5015 West 70th Street. <br />* B. Lot division, 7115 Tupa Drive and 7020 Kerry Road, Johnson and Eckberg. <br />C. Set hearing dates for November 20, 1995: <br />* 1. Preliminary Plat - Tambornino, 6608 Dakota Trail. <br />* 2. Comprehensive Plan Amendment - Community Facilities Element - Public Water <br />System. <br />* 3. Ordinance Amendment reducing number of member of Planning Commission <br />and increasing number of members of the Edina Zoning Board of Appeals. <br />* 4. Ordinance Amendment allowing day care as a conditional use in R -1 District. <br />D. Set hearing date for December 19, 1995 Preliminary Rezoning, PID, Planned Industrial <br />District to POD-1, Planned Office District 5229 Eden Avenue, Laurant/Parks Development. <br />IV. ORDINANCES - First Reading: Requires offering of Ordinance only. Second Reading: Favorable <br />rollcall of majority of all members of Council to pass. <br />A. Set November 20, 1995 as public hearing for Ordinance No. 1995 -11 An ordinance <br />amending Code Section 900.18 Subd. 1 regarding the sale of wine in conjunction with <br />the sale of food. <br />