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ORDINAL <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING <br />OF THE E MY CODE' <br />PUBLIC SMEW,AM IN THE 5a <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EL <br />Section 1. Subd.2 of Subsection 1 <br />as follows: <br />"P. Pushcarts as defined in Section <br />walkways within the area included <br />and France Commercial Area Plan' <br />issued pursuant to Subsection 1231 <br />Section 2. Paragraph R. of Subse <br />"R. Park or occupy a vehicle or i <br />other product or property, or for c( <br />prohibition in this paragraph shall <br />pushcarts, as defined by Section 7 <br />public walkways within the area ix <br />"50th and Francei Commercial Ar <br />permit issued pursuant to this pax <br />1. In addition to the requir <br />shall be issued for a pushc <br />a. The pushcart must <br />this 'Code. <br />b. The applicant for a <br />license or take-out foo <br />for a food establishm <br />area, <br />c. The pushcart shall <br />8 feet in height. <br />d. The pushcart shall <br />ease !of movement. <br />e. The pushcart shall l <br />trash generated by the <br />NO. 1993-5 <br />MON 1200 A <br />PERMIT PUSH <br />AND FRANCE <br />ORDAINS: <br />SECTION <br />LTS ON <br />is amended �y adding a ne�r paragraph <br />) of this Code pla ed on sidew and public <br />the plan prepare by the HRA ei ititled "50th <br />ited December 3, 1974, subject to a permit <br />2 of this Code." <br />1230.02 is amelhded as follow3: <br />upy a street to se any farm pro uce or any <br />acting any busines or selling of services. The <br />t apply to the sale f food and be rages from <br />pf this Code, loca d on sidewall s and other <br />ided in the plan pr ared by the entitled, <br />Plan" dated Dece ber 3, 1974, ubject to a <br />of Section0 of this Cod, no permit <br />the followink requirement are met: <br />licensed in accordance with Section 720 of <br />Smit must possess valid food es ablishment <br />license, pursuant t Section 720 this Code, <br />t located in the 50 and France ommercial <br />exceed 8 feet in <br />equipped with <br />equipped with <br />4 feet in1width, and <br />,s or wheel; to permit <br />ies for the diSDosal of <br />