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ORDINANCE <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE C <br />FOR SEXUALLY -ORI <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDIT <br />Section 1. Subsection 850.01 of the City <br />paragraphs: <br />1993-10 <br />CODE TO PROVII <br />ED BUSINESSES <br />ORDAINS: <br />is amended <br />ST. <br />adding the <br />"The Council also finds that sexually- riented businesses liave adverse secondary <br />characteristics particlularly when they nay be accessible to minors or ar located <br />near residential properties or schools, d ty care centers, librades and parks, d such <br />businesses can exert a dehumanizing i4fluence on persons attending or u g such <br />residential properties or schools, day cpxe centers, libraries and parks. <br />Sexually -oriented businesses can contri ute to an increase ii <br />i criminal activ <br />ty in the <br />area in which such businesses are loca Led. <br />Sexually -oriented businesses can si cantly contribute <br />to the deterio <br />ation of <br />residential neighborhoods and can impz ' ithe character and <br />uality of the rE <br />sidential <br />housing in the area :qi which such bus' iesses are located, t <br />lereby exacerb <br />ting the <br />shortage of affordable and habitable h using for City resid <br />ents. <br />The concentration lof sexually-orien ed businesses in <br />ne area can <br />have a <br />substantially detrimental effect on he area in whit <br />such busin <br />ses are <br />- concentrated and on the overall quali of urban life. A c <br />ole of decay c <br />result <br />from the influx and concentration of s ally -oriented bus' <br />esses. The presence <br />of <br />such businesses is perceived by others an an indication that <br />a area is dete <br />iorating <br />and the result can be devastating -- ot er businesses move <br />out of the vic <br />'ty and <br />residents flee from the area. Declining real estate values, which <br />can result <br />from the <br />concentration of such businesses, erod the City's tax base and <br />contribute I <br />D overall <br />urban blight. <br />The regulation of the location and oration of sexually <br />-oriented bus' <br />esses is <br />warranted to prevent the adverse secoi day effects of such <br />businesses on 1 <br />he City's <br />crime rate, its retail trade, its properl rValues, and in general <br />the quali <br />y of the <br />City's neighborhoods, commercial and industrial districts, <br />d urban life" <br />Sec. 2. Subd. 3 of Subsection 850.03 of the C�ty Code is amended by adding the 1 <br />definitions: <br />