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OS�•oILE <br /> STATE of MINNESOTA <br /> WHEREAS: The men and women of our Armed Forces are being called to duty with more and more <br /> frequency,we must not forget the sacrifices they are making every day. Moreover,we must not <br /> forget the unsung heroes of the military,their spouses,and family members who have sacrificed <br /> just as much in defense of this great nation;and <br /> WHEREAS: Spouses and family members,as well as our Soldiers,Sailors,Airmen,and Marines,bear an <br /> enormous burden throughout the deployment cycle,having to not only carry the load of a loved <br /> one in harm's way,but also continue to conduct day-to-day duties in support of their family <br /> and their military member;and <br /> WHEREAS: Support of the Military is at an all time high,with communities across Minnesota showing <br /> support for our troops with yellow ribbons,flags,and saying"thank you.' Your community has <br /> gone above and beyond,building an enduring network throughout key areas in support of Service <br /> Members and families that will be in place long after the yellow ribbons are untied,and bringing <br /> great pride to the people of Minnesota and the great United States;and <br /> WHEREAS: Through the efforts of the people of Edina,military members and their families enjoy peace of <br /> mind knowing they have the appreciation,love,and support of people in this community;and <br /> WHEREAS: The Yellow Ribbon Recognition Program pays tribute to those communities with an exceptional <br /> record of caring,commitment,and compassion for their military members and families through <br /> various programs and public works. It is with this commitment to caring that the community of <br /> Edina will serve with honor and distinction as a Yellow Ribbon City. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,I,MARK DAYTON,Governor of Minnesota,do hereby proclaim the City of Edina, <br /> Minnesota to be a: <br /> YELLOW RIBBON CITY <br /> in the State of Minnesota. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF,I have hereunto set my <br /> hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of <br /> Minnesota to be affixed at the State Capitol this <br /> 111h day of October. <br /> GOVERN R <br /> SECRETARY OF STATE <br />